When I connect with souls who have crossed over, they often want to let their loved ones to know that “It’s alright, it was my time to go.” We all come to this world to learn lessons, and for some, they quickly get what they came for and move on to take the next step in their soul journey.

But for others, although death may seem eminent and their body appears irreparably damaged by illness or accident, it is NOT their time. Sometimes, after disassociating from the body, the soul comes back. When this happens, we call it a near death experience (NDE) – and those who have one will never feel the same about life, or death, again.

My Near Death Experience.
About ten years ago I had a near death experience of my own. I had food poisoning, and was so ill and dehydrated that I passed out in the bathroom, hitting my head on the sink as I fell. I felt myself hovering over my unconscious body, and could see a ribbon that was attached at the crown of the head to what seemed like a tapestry. I remember that every thought was transferred to a color in that ribbon. Happy thoughts were light colors like pastels. Angry negative thoughts had more muted and darker colors. I struck me that at the end of my life; I could look back at that tapestry and see how my actions and thoughts had influenced it. Suddenly my father appeared to me – not as he had been when he died – but as a young man of about 30. He handed me a flower, smiled and said, “Now is not your time.” I woke up to the sound of Brian calling my name. He rushed me to the hospital where they patched me up. After I recovered, I clearly remembered the entire experience. I had not had an awareness of the tapestry we weave in life before, but since my NDE, the image has never left me, and it’s truly influenced how I live my life.

Facts about Near Death Experiences.
My friend Victor Zammit publishes a newsletter called The Afterlife Report, where he shares evidence of the afterlife. In it, I discovered some fascinating and compelling facts about Near Death Experiences:

1. Near-Death Experiences are not rare.
Millions of people from all over the world have undergone a Near-Death Experience. In 1983 a major American survey by George Gallup Junior reported that about five per cent of the adult population had experienced one. Studies in many different countries have shown that people are having the same experiences all over the world.
These experiences have been happening throughout human history, but it is only in the last thirty years that people in Western culture have felt safe to talk about them.

2. When you have a Near Death Experience – you remember it!
NDE survivors have clear and structured memories of what happened to them which they remember all their life. I can personally attest that this is true!

Patients who did not have a NDE during similar treatment were very confused or could not remember anything.

3. People see what’s happening to their body while they are unconscious.
A huge percentage of near-death experiencers are able to describe exactly what happened to them while they were unconscious. They know who was present, what people were talking about even at a distance. Many of the patients who have been revived have been able to describe in great technical detail exactly what went on in the operating room.

4. People come back from a NDE with new insights and knowledge.
There are many accounts of people having near-death experiences and returning with facts they did not know before. I heard of a case where a man became excited when he first saw photographs of his wife’s dead father. He claimed that he had seen the man in an NDE before he had even met his wife!
People even come back with clairvoyant gifts – knowledge of future events, even an understanding of quantum physics.

5. Some people are cured of fatal illnesses during a NDE or have miraculous recoveries from serious injuries.
You’ve probably heard of Anita Moorjani. Anita wrote an inspiring book Dying To Be Me, about her experience. A few years ago, Anita was dying from cancer. Her body was in complete shut down mode when she had a near death experience. When she returned to her body, she had a total recovery of her health, as well as an entirely new perspective on life!

6. NDE Survivors become more psychic
Research has shown that NDE survivors have three times the number of psychic experiences as the general population. He also found that adults who had near-death experiences gave more money to charity than others, were more likely to do volunteer work in the community, worked more in jobs where they could help people, did not abuse drugs and ate more fresh fruit and vegetables than other people. Clearly, their perspective from the other side had given them some insights that they carried back with them – just like my own awareness of how my thoughts and deeds all became part of my “life tapestry.”

You don’t have to have an NDE to experience the oneness!
It doesn’t take a Near Death Experience to make you aware that you are a soul having a human experience here on earth, but the evidence certainly makes the case that there is life beyond our human existence. To tap into the oneness that we all will return to one day, why not start by opening yourself up to higher levels of consciousness! You can do this through meditation, or by enhancing your natural intuition or mediumistic gifts. Explore these opportunities at www.jvpschoolofmysticalarts.com.