A New Group of Mediumship Level 2 Students are Ready to Soar

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A New Group of Mediumship Level 2 Students are Ready to Soar

Dec 12, 2020 | JVP's Blog

All I can say is “Wow!” We just wrapped up another session of my Mediumship Level 2 Certification Program. For the past few years, I ended each session by bringing the participants together for a two-day live workshop and graduation event in San Diego. This year, for obvious reasons, we couldn’t meet in person, so my assistant, Katrin, and I put together a virtual weekend event.

I have to admit, I was a little worried that my on-line workshop wouldn’t deliver the same sense of community and connection as a live event but thankfully, I was wrong. The entire weekend confirmed what I’ve always known in my heart –  that spirit operates without limits or boundaries – and spirit was definitely with us over these three days!

One positive aspect of the virtual format was that just about every student was able to attend. I always have several international students in my Mediumship classes, and sometimes it’s not possible for them to fly to the final live workshop. But this year, all but three students attended the virtual event.

We had a great time together!

I assessed many of the students as they practiced their mediumship on one another – and some even tried out their platform mediumship on the whole group via Zoom. I dropped in on breakout sessions, and of course, there were questions, observations, and sharing.

Katrin and I were both so happy to see how well the readings went – it was obvious that the mediums had been working hard. The Mediumship Level 3 mentors that helped with the development circles did an amazing job too! The level of detail and the solid evidence that came through made me so proud of this entire group.

Finally, I knew the weekend had been a success when the students were reluctant to leave the Zoom call. Every time I host a live workshop, some students will linger afterwards to chat, exchange phone numbers, and make plans to stay in touch and practice together. I usually stick around for a while too. This time, students hung out on the zoom platform, just like they would have if they were in the same physical location.

After the event, I was thinking about how gratifying it is to teach and mentor my Mediumship students. As usual, I was struck not only by the talent and heart of my students, but by the variety of ways they personalize their practice.

There is no “cookie-cutter” approach

You might wonder what it’s like to teach such a unique skill. I believe the most important aspect of my role is to remove fear and other mental roadblocks and help my students nourish their own natural gifts – in their own special way. With over 30 years of experience serving as the voice of the Spirit world, naturally, I have my own time-tested techniques that I’m happy to share. But while there are foundational skills that all of my students must master, I also encourage each one to listen to their heart – and soul – to find their own way of  applying the tools I give them.

My approach as a mentor is similar to an art teacher. A good teacher exposes their students to the basics of sketching, perspective and design, then encourages them to express their own creativity, guiding them to create a work of art that represents their own unique style and vision.

No matter how skilled the execution, I bet you’d be disappointed (and bored) if you attended an art exhibit and saw identical artwork from each student. It’s the same with mystical arts! There are no “cookie-cutter” mediums. Everyone has their own way of connecting with the other side, and their own way of using their ability. As their mentor, I know I’ve done my job when my students learn to trust their own inner voice, and I can see the beautiful expression of their soul.

More opportunities to grow and develop in 2021!

While 2020 presented some unique challenges, I look forward to more movement and travel in the upcoming year. My next session of Mediumship Level 2 Certification will launch in the spring of 2021, and we’ll be selecting candidates for Mediumship Level 3 shortly after. If you’re ready to take your Mediumship to the next level, keep an eye on the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts Community Facebook page, or check your emails for more information.

A big Congratulations to my New Mediumship Level 2 Graduates! Never forget how much the world needs your light and your gifts.

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