Angel The Medium

Angel is a Psychic Evidential Medium and Spiritual Life Coach, with an extreme passion for teaching and helping others. Every day he gets to do what he loves. He is genuinely grateful for his gifts and loves to help people the best he can. Whether he is doing Mediumship Readings, Psychic Readings, Life Coach Counseling, or Teaching he likes to be interactive with his clients in an informative and teaching manner. He has helped many clients connect with passed loved ones through Mediumship and provided them with evidential information & loving messages from spirit. He counsels his clients with issues regarding their marriage, relationships, children, career, personal issues, meditation, spiritual development, phobias, financial matters, life decisions, life path, and past lives. He will even bring through pets for his clients. Angel is a Spiritual Medium meaning that his work is done in the light with God in a loving, nonjudgmental manner.

Contact Angel:

Phone: (951) 446-5322