Caroline Mumolo

A “naturally” psychic/intuitive since birth.  Caroline comes from a lineage of instinctive family members, where intuition was a very natural way of living.  For instance, she was modeled by her mother who accurately and profoundly interpreted dreams, to her Auntie Kate’s incredible “tea leaf” readings, and often was told by her father that “magic” and “enchantment” ran “in the blood.”  From as far back as she can remember, Caroline would know and see events before they would occur.  Her Austrian/Neapolitan Mother would often joke with her by saying: “They must have switched you at birth because you are so different!”  Caroline has always had a great zest and respect for life, whether it be skating, playing the piano, drawing clothing designs, or collecting antique jewelry, her passions run deep.  As a matter of fact, her reputation in New York’s diamond district is legendary.  She not only can tell you the value of a piece but who its original owners were!  She has traveled internationally with James and has given incredible card and “tea leaf” readings in many of his global workshops.  When James speaks about Caroline his eyes widen and he says: “It’s so strange, the cards will talk to her and her accuracy is scary real, even for me!! ”He is honored to refer her on his site and knows her amazing insights will assist many who want clarity in their lives”.

Contact Caroline:

Phone: (718) 225-4297