Discover the Healer Inside You!

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Discover the Healer Inside You!

Jun 9, 2017 | JVP's Blog

Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.

Sai Baba

We’re all natural healers.  As a medium I deliver healing through spirit messages, but we all posses the gift in some form – if you’re a parent, nurse, teacher, massage therapist, if you work with people or animals in any way – you can heal yourself and others spiritually and energetically.

Understanding how healing of the mind, body and spirit works you must first understand energy.  All living beings have a radiant human energy field that extends beyond their body. It contains an archive of everything that’s happened – physical, emotional and spiritual – in your life.

If it’s not enough that your energy field contains a “memory” of every thought, feeling and experience you’ve ever had, it is also affected by the energy fields of other people you encounter. And, of course, your energy impacts those around you.

When you’re around someone who is anxious, angry or depressed, you tend to “pick up” negative vibrations. Luckily, you also pick up positive energy. I was recently at a department store, and as I was checking out I became aware of the mother and daughter at the register next to me. The girl was about nine or ten, and her mother was buying her a cute straw hat. As she was adjusting the hat on her child’s head, the mother radiated such love that I could feel it wash over me like a warm wave. That feeling stayed with me all day – even though I was in contact with these two people for just a couple of minutes, and I didn’t exchange a single word with them.

You can be a source of positive, healing energy that will cast a glow over yourself and others. I demonstrate how in the video at the top of this page.

Here are the three keys to keeping your energy field clean, clear and strong:

1) Movement

Keep things moving!  Stimulate the flow of energy in your body with activity. Yoga, Thai Chi, walking or hiking in nature, swimming are all wonderful ways to take care of your mind, body AND your energy.

In the video, I demonstrate three movements that I use to activate and ground my energy.  I’ll even show you how you can use a bell to balance your chakras (the main energy centers in your body).

2) Awareness

Everything improves when you apply focus and awareness to it. By concentrating on your energy field, you can bring healing energy where you need it most.

In the video, I lead you through an exercise where I help you tune unto the healing vibrations of colors. As you set your intention around each color, it will signal exactly what is needed and where:

Red – movement

Orange – feelings, openness

Yellow – strength and vitality

Green – love, compassion and harmony

Blue – self-expression and believing in yourself

Purple – awareness of your higher calling – remember that you are a divine being

3) Gratitude

Gratitude opens up your heart and helps you to express love. Make it a regular practice to send unspoken gratitude and love to another.  Use your heart energy and it radiates outward, you don’t need words to send a powerful healing message.

Focusing on these key areas will help you to tap into your inner healer – you’ll not only experience health and vitality in your own life, but you will shine your healing light on those around you. If you haven’t already, check out  this video to activate your healing power, and stay tuned – I’m getting ready to share even more healing with you in the days to come!