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Divination Tools

Oct 24, 2021 | JVP's Blog

Yesterday, I opened a new tarot card deck sent to me by a friend. Each card in The Radiant Tarot features beautiful artwork inspired by nature, and I found myself mesmerized by the unique images and symbolism.

I pulled a card from the deck at random – it was the Eight of Pentacles – and found myself reflecting on its meaning over the course of the day. Traditionally the Eight of Pentacles represents hard work, focus, and dedication to a skill or craft, but my intuition filled in the true meaning of the card as it relates to me at this point in my life.

The image of a bee on a flower reflects my gift of mediumship and my dedication to planting and expressing creativity in my garden. I knew that the card was sending me a message about balancing the creative aspects of my life – my work, my teaching, my writing, and my gardening – and about taking time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. As the day went on, I glanced at the card and continued to gain further insights and wisdom.

But here’s the question. Were the messages truly coming from this beautifully designed square of card stock, or from my own intuition?

Both were significant. The card served as a divination tool to tap into my own knowing. As beautiful as the Radian Tarot is (and it’s really beautiful!) there are many tools that can be used in the same way.

I thought back to a tarot card reader I knew years ago, who used a regular deck of playing cards for her readings. There was nothing remotely beautiful or interesting about the tattered old deck, but she had been using the same cards for decades, and in her hands, they became a powerful tool of prediction and guidance for her clients.

What is Divination?
Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge about the future or the unknown by mystical means. Divination tools help the process along by tapping into the intuition of the reader and the energy of the subject. Tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, rune casting, tea leaves, water, coffee grounds are all forms of divination – and that is by no means a complete list. As my friend the tarot card reader proved with her ordinary deck of cards, the tool is simply a conduit that allows the intuition of the reader to come through.

Using Divination for Guidance and Inspiration
How many times have you wondered how a particular sign or insight happens to pop up at exactly the right time? Is it just a random occurrence? I agree with Albert Einstein’s quote that “Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.”

I believe that the universe sends you signs and signals every day, and you control how much you benefit from those signs. For example, imagine you’re in an unsatisfying relationship and wondering if it’s time to end it. As you struggle with this dilemma, you happen to notice a song that seems to encapsulate the problem and solution, and you feel like it’s speaking straight to you. It is! In this case, the radio is a divination tool, and the very fact that it caught your attention and you assigned that meaning makes it significant. Now it’s your job to tune out any external issues, fear, or concern about the opinion of others and use your intuition to decode the sign and decide on your course of action.

Let Your Soul Wisdom Show You The Way
Cards, tea leaves, and a multitude of other techniques can open doors spiritually, and it’s up to the reader to trust their gut when they walk through those doors. When I pull an oracle card or tarot card, I reflect on the meaning and study the card itself, using intuition to pick up any messages it has for me. It’s the same with other divination tools. The tool is just one part of the process, and it’s up to the reader’s intuition to assign the true meaning.

Learn More About Divination
In the JVP Psychic & Intuitive Certification, I demonstrate the use of divination tools. I show how something as simple as a glass of water or the grounds in your coffee cup can enhance your readings and help you tune into your intuition and the energy around you. That’s just one of the many lessons I share in this comprehensive course, so if you’re feeling called to explore your psychic gifts, I invite you to check out the JVP Psychic & Intuitive Certification.