Dr. Sheva Feld

Dr. Sheva Feld is a licensed psychologist, regression therapist, and career coach/consultant who has been in private practice for more than 35 years. Dr. Feld integrates her formal knowledge of clinical and organizational psychology, working with therapeutic tools that include insight-oriented depth work, Interactive Guided Imagery, Past Life Regression Therapy and cognitive-behavioral interventions (as appropriate) in order to guide her clients toward the clearest and most effective path to spiritual consciousness. Whether through counseling or coaching, her most important objective is to invite you to open the door wide to your own unique gifts and strengthen your sense of Self in order to create and fully enjoy the life you choose.

Dr. Feld’s strong formal foundation in the field of clinical and organizational psychology, along with her recognition of the power of intuition and a deeply metaphysical perspective, is the basis for her work with clients. Her training with Dr. Brian Weiss and James Van Praagh, as well as with mystics and intuitives, support her integrated, spiritually connected, multidimensional approach. Dr. Feld has served in the challenging corporate arena and in other contexts, including schools, hospitals, and private practice. She brings a wealth and depth of personal and professional knowledge and insight to every single client she sees.

Contact Dr. Sheva Feld:

Phone: (415) 461-8496
Email: drshevafeld@gmail.com