Do you know what I love about my students? Actually, there are lots of things I appreciate and admire, but the quality that comes to mind right now is this: they’re always striving to improve themselves. So, it’s no surprise that life coaching appeals to them. Many of my students have worked with a life coach and some have even been trained to coach others.

What exactly does a life coach do? Basically, their job is to help clients gain a greater awareness of themselves, their situation, and what they really want out of life. They typically focus on areas like career, relationships, and health. A good life coach doesn’t give their clients the answers but guides them toward discovering what they want and helps them come up with an action plan. They also assist their client in identifying limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that hold them back. Another thing that makes life coaching different from other types of counseling is that it is forward-focused. It’s not about dwelling on the past, but rather about making the right choices to move forward successfully.

It sounds like something we all could use!

When I decided to create my own Spiritual Life Coaching course, my goal was to take things to a whole new level. Over my career as a psychic medium and spiritual teacher, I had encountered so many people who were seeking more passion and meaning in their lives. They were stuck in jobs, relationships, and situations that didn’t feed their soul. I could FEEL intuitively what they were missing, and I knew that they already had the answer.

As a psychic, I could SEE what was waiting for them if only they embraced their spiritual power and let their intuition guide them.

Do you ever wonder, “Is this all there is?”

The answer is that there is SO MUCH MORE – but you won’t find it outside of yourself. Jobs, material things, even relationships won’t fill your need for SPIRITUAL FULFILLMENT.

I see it this way. To live a truly fulfilling life, you have to live from the inside out, not from the outside in.

Doing so will help you to achieve your earthly goals of health, happiness, and success – and, even more importantly, to experience joy at the deepest soul level.

Here are five Spiritual Life Coaching insights that will change your life:

  • You have the right to live your own life, and what that looks like is up to you. I always say “What other people think of you is none of your business.” The only input that really matters comes from the most authentic part of you – your own soul wisdom.
  • There’s nothing to fear. As a medium, I prove every day that death, as we have been conditioned to think of it, is an illusion. And if there is no death, what else do you have to fear?
  • When you put fear and judgment aside,  you’re free to pursue your divine mission – to spread unconditional love. What you experience is a direct reflection of your inner state. Release any negative emotions and replace them with compassion, forgiveness, and love.  You’ll find yourself effortlessly attracting those things that bring you joy and fulfillment.
  • Look for the lesson. Your time here on Earth is about so much more than the daily grind! Your soul has been sent here to learn the lessons it needs to evolve. Whatever happens, even the bad stuff, embrace it. Take it as an opportunity to learn – and to grow.
  • The answers are inside you. Remember, you are a limitless, divine being with access to the wisdom of the universe. Your intuition holds the answer to all your questions.

I want you to have everything you want, without striving and struggling. The universe is waiting to deliver everything you need, all you have to step into your own power and allow your best life to unfold! I’ve created a FREE video series to show you how to release struggle, get unstuck and take back your life.

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