FEAR; Create the World You Want to Live In By What Thoughts You are Giving Life To…

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FEAR; Create the World You Want to Live In By What Thoughts You are Giving Life To…

Mar 26, 2020 | JVP's Blog

By now, every other word you’ve heard, seen or googled about has been: “Coronavirus.”   

The circumstances surrounding this current situation can be very scary. We are living in a time where we need to take certain precautions because it is the responsible and right thing to do for our communities.  

You might be asking yourself:

Will there ever be an end to this?  Will I ever be able to go back to my favorite restaurant or concert hall?  Will I be able to go to Costco, and not worry about finding toilet paper?

The answer I can promise you is: “YES!” Within a short time, you WILL be able to join the human race and interact with your favorite neighbor, share a drink and even give a hug or fist bump.  

Life will be normalized and we will look back at this time and see how we handled it.  Were we being “aware” and “mindful” or were we fearful and in a panic?

Every action has a reaction.  Every thought we create, creates a condition in our lives that will affect us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thoughts can create and give power to negative situations. 

You NEED to be MINDFUL of what you allow in your auric field. What you think of not only attracts that condition toward you, but you give it life. 

How do we prevent this when the world we are living in seems on the brink of disaster?  

  1. Become aware of the thoughts you have in your mind and what you are resonating with.
  2. Be grounded and centered in your being.
  3. Journal – Write down your perspectives about things you observe in your life, as your soul walks on the earth this time.  
  4. Live passionately by doing what your heart wants to but do no harm. 
  5. Be observant and don’t get caught up in someone else’s drama.  Remember, there is no show without an audience. 

Lately, I had to remove several people in my life who were not adding to it but truly only taking from it.  

Start your own personal assessment.  Remember, souls come into your life for a “Season” a “Reason” or a “Lifetime.” Honor that truth and live.

Due to the overwhelming concern in the world about this “health care scare”, instead of flaming the fire, I wanted to assist you in being pro-health.

I encourage you to be a positive beacon because the world needs that right now. It might not be easy, but you’re up to the challenge! Let me make it easier. I’m giving every one of you a free gift to help you protect your energy.

In this special audio training, I teach you how to protect your energy so you can feel free, be happy, and create outcomes you want. You’ll learn:

  •   How to clear yourself from negative energy
  •   How to tap into the infinitely supportive energy of love
  •   Daily steps for energy cleansing
  •   How to infuse your daily life with more positive energy
  •   And tons more!

I’ve been practicing these techniques myself every day, and they are helping me stay calm and strong for my friends and students. Get it here FREE >>> 

Sending you powerful positive energy and tons of love.

XOXO Much,