Gather With Like Minded Souls

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Gather With Like Minded Souls

Jun 8, 2018 | JVP's Blog

You know how great it feels to clean out your closet or unclutter a room? The whole area feels lighter and brighter, and having a clear, orderly space makes everyday tasks seem effortless. I recently cleaned out my office, and afterward, all I could think was “why didn’t I do this months ago!”  To me, taking a vacation has a similar effect – it’s like decluttering for your mind, body, and soul, and life feels so much better when you take some time for yourself.

Self-care for your mind, body, and soul

If you’re telling yourself that you don’t have the time or the money to get away – reconsider! Even a short vacation can give you the break you need from the everyday routine and pressures. Pair a few days at a nice hotel with the chance to work on your Spiritual side and make some new like-minded friends and the benefits are even greater!

My work gives me the opportunity to travel to wonderful spots and spend time with people who inspire and delight me. I hope you’ll join me for a weekend workshop or a week-long retreat somewhere fabulous!

Omega Institute – Everything you desire in one beautiful spot!

Right now I’m getting ready to start a weekend workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. I love being a regular member of the faculty here – Omega pairs a casual, natural and fun environment with Yoga, healthy food and enlightening workshops – and the students come back again and again. I’ll be back in the fall for Signs and Signals from the Universe, where I’ll share how you can tap into the guidance of the universe to achieve health, success, and happiness. The leaves will be turning beautiful colors – so come to see them, while you experience a spiritual transformation of your own!

Enjoy every one of the 1440 Minutes in your day.

Another campus environment that you should check out is easy and convenient for us west coast folk! 1440 (cleverly named for the number of minutes in a day) is a brand new campus with workshops covering everything from yoga and nutrition to mindfulness and spiritual awakening. Nestled among the giant redwoods in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, students can walk in the forest and swim at the nearby beaches. I’ll be at 1440 for a weekend workshop, July 6-8. We’ll be exploring How to Thrive as a Sensitive, Intuitive Soul – so if you’re tuned in to feelings, and empathic (and aren’t we all!) you’ll come away with some amazing techniques for living your best life.

Love the sun?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds the desert beautiful and relaxing – even in the summer. And in just a couple of weeks, I’m joining Deb Sheppard at the Desert Diamond in Tucson Arizona. I discovered Deb’s work a few months ago, and she has an amazing gift. The Desert Diamond is a fun spot, the energy in Tucson is powerful, and we’re expecting some MIND-BLOWING Spirit connections. Get your tickets today and make some memories with Deb, myself, and your Loved Ones in Spirit – then head over to the pool or enjoy the amenities of the Desert Diamond. It’s a little different than my usual venues, but it’s a great summer destination. I know we’ll have a good time!

Anticipation is part of the fun!

Studies say that a major benefit of taking a vacation is looking forward to it. Anticipating something wonderful can stretch your good experience out over months! So – give yourself something to look forward to by reserving a spot at my Soul Power Retreat in beautiful Cancun Mexico. Treat yourself to a luxurious, all-inclusive retreat that will light up your mind, body, and soul! When we’re not enjoying the pool, spa and amazing beaches of Cancun we’ll explore deep immersion techniques and mediumship exercises, you’ll visit with loved ones and guides and see what things are like on their side of the veil.

I hope these ideas have inspired you. I look forward to switching gears, clearing my head and providing enlightenment and joy at wonderful locations throughout the coming months. I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of a fresh new perspective – and join me!