I’m honored to guest host my friend James Van Praagh’s radio show on Hay House (August 9th). The focus of this show will be on the power of color energy, and how you can harness the vibration of specific colors to change your life. I am a psychic and cosmic coach who has seen color energy around people since I was a child. Over the years I took notes on the qualities of each color and what those energies tell me about your current life path. Working with clients for close to 20 years, I developed color techniques that can be used to benefit you in various ways. I frequently use color in my own personal life, as I did recently.

In July I returned to Japan for my third tour. I was scheduled to do a series of private sessions, and a large talk in Tokyo as well as in Osaka. Most importantly, I would be teaching my first Color Certification workshop for the first time. I was there to certify people in my personal process, as well as to teach them how to see auras. I intended to teach these energy techniques so that attendees could share them with their own clients. These techniques could also be used to complement any other spiritual practice.

When we arrived in Tokyo I was delighted to hear that not only were we completely sold out for the workshop and most of my events, but there was also a waiting list! It was such a blessing to receive confirmation from the Universe that this was the right path for me. Even though I was excited, I have to admit that my inner critic was having a little dance party of self-doubt in my head. I struggled to sleep, feeling nervous and insecure all night.

I have hoped many times that I would one day feel nothing but confident thoughts about my work, but I am now at peace with the fact that self-criticism will always pop up from time to time. I try to be honest whenever I am working on an issue, because just like you, I am on a constant journey of self-discovery.

A large part of my work involves activating a color and then allowing it to present itself as a reminder of that energy in my daily life. In this way, I use color as a sort of conscious meditation. That first morning of private sessions in Tokyo, I selected pink as my focus in meditation. To me, pink is the color of perfection and unconditional love. The shadow side of pink is self-criticism, representing an imbalance with this color. I knew that it was the perfect color for this situation, so I visualized it with the intention of accessing the root of my self-doubt.

The answer that I received was a deep desire to feel good enough and worthy of these blessings. I wanted to deliver useful information to my clients, and was fearful that people might not experience the results that I have. When it comes to self-doubt we can ignore it and pretend that everything is fine, but this approach never seems to work in my life. I find that when I ignore fear, it grows like a weed, until it spreads and ultimately takes over my emotional garden. I neutralize self-doubt by bringing it into pink light. I do this by recognizing the doubt as part of human nature, and then choosing to love myself through it. As I activated the pink light and let it bathe me in unconditional love, I intended that every time I saw pink during this tour it would remind me to acknowledge my vulnerability with kindness. Instead of ignoring the doubt, pink would encourage me to be extra kind and unconditionally loving with myself.

On my first day of work, as I rounded the corner to my office in Tokyo, I was greeted by dozens of pink hanging lanterns hanging directly opposite the entrance. Lanterns of various colors are hung for Japan’s summer festivals, and these pink ones were gently swaying in the summer breeze. This was a reminder that the universe heard me, and that boost of unconditional love gave me exactly what I needed that day. During my entire stay in Tokyo, I would leave work every night and smile at these these glowing pink lanterns lovingly guiding me home.

If you have any moments of self-doubt, try activating pink. Take a few deep breaths, visualize a beautiful pink shower of energy radiating through your being and allow yourself to be seen as absolutely perfect. After all, this is the way the universe sees you.

To learn more color techniques that you can apply to your own life, please join me on August 9th! I will be taking callers and giving color readings live on the air.

Much Love,

Dougall Fraser