Healing Anxiety During Troubling Times

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Healing Anxiety During Troubling Times

Apr 4, 2020 | JVP's Blog

Do you feel like there’s a grey, gloomy cloud hanging over the world? When you’re faced with a stressful situation at home it’s easy to get caught up in worry and fear. When that same situation is affecting people all around the world, it’s even more unsettling. If you’re feeling anxious and depressed right now, you’re not alone. Right now, it’s likely that your contact with others is limited while you stay home in an effort to slow down the Coronavirus. The fact that your normal routine is suspended gives you more time to watch the news – and that doesn’t make your anxiety any better.

But it’s more than the news that’s causing you to feel so uncomfortable. You might be home alone or sequestered with your immediate family, but in fact, you’re connected to countless people across the globe through your energy field. But there’s good news. At a time when it seems as if the whole world is on edge, you can be part of a movement to help move that global energy in a positive direction.

You can be a point of light that breaks through the gloom.

We’re all connected.
All living beings have a radiant energy field that extends beyond their body. It contains an archive of everything that’s happened in your life – physical, emotional and spiritual.

It’s probably the reason you might be feeling unbalanced right now – because that field is also sensitive to the energy of other people. Right now, it’s like a sponge, soaking up the worries and uncertainty that’s everywhere.

Imagine the effect that has on your state of mind!

If you’re a sensitive person, at times like this it’s easy to become weighed down energetically. When that happens, you’re not at your best. But like with so many things in life, when you turn your attention outward and focus on helping others, you help yourself too.

Clearing your own energy and replacing the energy of fear with love and compassion breaks the hold other people’s emotions have on you. Instead, your own positive energy ripples out and starts to calm others around you. When they feel better, they interact with others in a more loving way, and the chain of good energy continues.

Check out my video to see my simple techniques for clearing negative energy. This is the first of a series of three videos I created to help unleash your ability to heal yourself, and others. I promise that they’ll help you feel better, almost instantly.

You have, deep inside you, the ability to heal.
As a medium I deliver healing through spirit messages, but we all possess the gift in some form – if you’re a parent, nurse, teacher, massage therapist, if you work with people or animals in any way – you’re already doing it. With a few simple techniques, you can heal yourself and others spiritually and energetically.

To heal completely, you have to reach beyond the physical and mental…
In the past, I had awful back pain. Each time the ache started I’d quickly reach for the phone to get outside help. Many of the treatments I had worked initially, but the pain always returned. One day, I was lying on the couch in excruciating pain again, wondering what else I could do to cure this.

That’s when I got a message from my guides. “Go within your Spirit,” they said. They reminded me that the only way to fully heal the body and mind is by connecting to the healing power of the Spirit within. 

When you’re hurting, you might see a doctor or therapist. These two mind and body experts work hard to help heal you, but they can’t do it all. Your body and mind are covered, but what about the Spirit.

The lack of spiritual healing is why so many of us never completely heal.

I’m doing everything I can to help you clear your energy and heal yourself spiritually.
If you’re feeling down, and having a hard time healing yourself, I hope you’ll try the simple techniques I share in this video.

To help heal your spirit in a group setting, I’ll also be hosting daily Soul Care Sessions at noon pacific time live on my Facebook Page.

During this time, I’m here for you. The world needs your positive energy to heal!