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Prepare Your Soul For Mediumship


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Wed. June 21, 2023
Wed. August 2, 2023

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Understand your intuitive soul language and begin your path into mediumship with one of the world’s most acclaimed psychic mediums as your teacher. Delve deep into your true essence as a soul, learn to read the energy all around you, and connect with beings who reside in the spiritual realms.

Have you ever sensed the presence of a loved one who’s no longer on this Earth?

We all have that gift, whether we’re aware of it or not, because as souls manifesting in human form, we hold the capacity to communicate with other souls — even those who are no longer in physical bodies.

James Van Praagh, one of the world’s most famous and beloved psychic mediums, explains that we first need to fully grasp our own identity as a soul before we can truly connect with people who’ve crossed to the other side of the veil.

Once you realize that core premise — that you’re a soul having a human experience — it becomes easy to interact with other souls in non-physical realms and unequivocally understand that there are many other worlds vibrating around this Earthly plane.

As you harness your soul’s innate power, you begin to tune into other people’s energy and intuit what those around you are thinking or going through. You start to pick up on “signs” from the Universe, and then learn how to interpret them and integrate the information into your own life.

When you open to your natural intuitive gifts, you arrive at the gateway to becoming a conduit for messages from the spirit world.

We’re excited to announce a rare opportunity to join James in a 7-week live course — a journey to release your grasp on the illusions of the Earthly plane… align your human perceptions with the ageless attunement of your soul’s wisdom…

… and turn your focus inward to start exploring the rich and limitless natural abilities of your soul — including mediumship.

James is one of the most respected and accurate mediums practicing today. For 40 years, he’s appeared on stage, television, and radio, has written numerous best-selling books, and has healed thousands upon thousands of people with his work as a “fact-based medium” — providing proof of life after death through remarkably detailed messages from the spiritual realm.

In this powerful live 7-week program, he’ll draw from the tens of thousands of readings he’s done to give you a truly unique perspective on how life on the other side is designed — and how it impacts your life now.

With James’ unmatched expertise, profound skill, and intentional process, you’ll unveil your own specific spiritual power and enable your soul to freely express itself…

… using your intuition, past-life memories, automatic writing, and insightful, evidential communication with your past loved ones — and the spirit guides who inspire you every day.

You’ll come to understand what the soul is (and what it’s not), connecting deeply with your own soul and learning its language… priming yourself to step into your healing work as a medium.

James will guide you through insightful exercises and meditations to help you stretch your awareness, unfold your “knowingness,” and release the old fears and past traumas that hold you back from your true purpose and potential.

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