Janelle Campbell

Janelle Campbell was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, to parents who had no persuasion whatsoever in the Psychic or Spiritual Arts.   Although the signs were there from a very early age that sometimes things did indeed go ‘bump’ in the night, she had a typical childhood upbringing in the suburbs.  Sunshine, sand, and lots of naughty stuff along the way…

It wasn’t until her husband’s tragic death in 2004 that the world of Spirit truly opened up.  From the depths of grief something else was becoming very apparent and her quest for understanding, learning and guidance began.

Janelle, is now, a highly regarded Medium in her own right.  She travels the world to be guided and mentored by the great Mediums and teachers of our time.   Her readings offer you evidence, peace of mind and love.  In a very conscious and real way she will show you that the bond of love never dies.

Contact Janelle:

Phone: (0410) 679-492
Email: janelle@janellecampbell.com.au
Website: www.janellecampbell.com.au