On February 28th, at the Celebrity Theater, the people of Arizona have a unique opportunity to experience an evening of enlightenment with renowned psychic and medium James Van Praagh. I had the pleasure of interviewing James regarding his upcoming show, and I must say I am intrigued to say the least.

Everyone has been touched by the loss of a loved one. It’s a universal factor among us as human beings. Physical death is unavoidable. Race, wealth, saint, sinner, it makes no difference. Death is the ultimate equalizer. So what happens to those of us that are left behind after a loved one has died?  There are a multitude of emotions that rush though us after we have lost a loved one and it may be hard to make sense of them all. You may become angry, depressed, or even relieved. Some may find peace in their spiritual beliefs or personal beliefs of the afterlife. Others may question why this happened or why it happened to them and their family. Some feel, if I just had one more moment with my loved one, it would bring me so much comfort. Others just continuously search for answers.

James Van Praagh may have some of those answers for us that still have questions or are trying to make some sort of peace with the loss of a loved one.

A New York Times Bestseller, James has written a prodigious total of 13 books, with another titled The Power of Love, to be released this July.  He has had many guest appearances on shows such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Larry King Live20/20, The View, The Today Show, Chelsea Lately, 48 Hours, and many more. The movie Talking to Heaven, starring Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen and Queen Latifah, was based on his true life experience as a psychic working with the FBI on a kidnapping case in Louisiana.  He co-produced the hit television show The Ghost Whisperer,which was based loosely on his experiences along with his associate, Mary Ann Winkowski. His list of credentials extends far beyond what are listed in this short paragraph.

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