Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell helps people shift out of stress and anxiety into a state of inner balance through subconscious change facilitation, positive mindset training, and emotional energy healing. With 25 years of experience in psychology, counseling, yoga and meditation instruction, and subconscious repatterning, she will help you get unstuck and out of fight or flight so that you can finally move forward with clarity and confidence in your life, experiencing true inner freedom.

Serving as a great bridge from traditional talk therapy to subconscious change and emotional energy work, she’ll help you release the painful past and establish positive beliefs that resonate as truth throughout your entire being to support you in everything you do.

Though her methods work with anything (abundance, relationships, health/wellness, grief, elevating consciousness), her specialty is releasing stress, anxiety, and past trauma, while increasing confidence and self-worth so that you can step into the role of creatorship in your life, easily handling the challenges that come your way. She’ll help you shift into being who you want to be, and living the life you want to live.

Through individual Rapid Transformation Sessions (both in-person in Encinitas, CA, and internationally, online) or ongoing group classes, you’ll be able to quickly create big changes within yourself and your life and won’t get caught in talk therapy for decades. Book a complimentary phone consult with Kelli at to discover what offering is right for you.

Kelli Russell
M.A. Counseling, Subconscious Change  & Emotional Energy Healing