Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell is a groundbreaking author, transformational Inner Guide, and Quantum Consciousness Coach who helps individuals live happier, healthier, more balanced, and more abundant lives in record time. By transforming the root causes of what ails us at the subconscious level we can experience profound transformation in any area of life, without having to spend months, and even years, rehashing old stories in therapy or suppressing symptoms with drugs.

After two decades of exploring the healing modalities of yoga, meditation, transformative breathwork, Emotional Kinesiology, Touch for Health, PSYCH-K®, Emotion Code Therapy, Body Talk Therapy, and Biofield Healing technologies, Kevin experienced a massive consciousness expansion which culminated in his clairvoyant/intuitive abilities coming online.

Since then, he has helped hundreds of clients around the world expand their own consciousness – rewriting and transforming the limiting/conditioned programming of the subconscious mind-body, channeling hyper-personal directed knowing/messages, and providing insight to help expand awareness, release stress, & anxiety, heal past trauma, and transform the whole body system – mind, body, spirit, emotions, as they reconnect to their innate wholeness.

In addition to private, 1-on-1 transformation sessions and quantum life coaching, Kevin, along with his wife Kelli, have created a number of courses, workshops, and trainings to help people reach their own state of radical peace, freedom, inner-alignment, and elevated consciousness. Schedule a complimentary consultation at

Kevin Russell
Consciousness Accelerator & Transformation Specialist, Author