Liat Weisskopf

Liat Weisskopf is an internationally recognized psychic, medium and healer who was born with extraordinary channeling, guidance, and energetic healing abilities. Liat has the gift that allows her to see through people, physically and mentally; and can read them within seconds like an open book. She can do this by simply looking at the person, seeing his picture or receiving his name.

Liat first encountered spirits when she was just a young child. It was during this time that she also discovered her ability to energetically heal street cats.
For over two decades, Liat has worked with psychic channeling, mediumship and counseling together with energetic healing. She has helped thousands of people to solve issues in various aspects of their life, and gain self-realization towards a full and happy life. Above all, Liat is kind, compassionate and loving being.

Liat is available for private sessions/ or group readings.
She works from Israel and conducts telephone sessions with people from all over the world.

Contact Liat:

Phone/whatsapp: +972528965058