Lynn Probert

Lynn grew up in South West London, part of a close knit family. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in her life until her late teens when she started to become aware that there were things she just ‘knew’ but had no understanding as to why or equally where this ‘knowing’ was coming from. Like a lot of people becoming spiritually aware, having a busy life she would constantly push these things away or to the back of her mind and carried on with life as normal.

Lynn was aware that certain changes would happen within her own life. It was only when these took place that she decided it was time to try and understand what was happening with her own awareness. She endeavored to find some explanations for the experiences that she had been having until that time.

Through Lynn’s own personal search for spiritual evidence, she discovered so much, not only about herself and what she had been experiencing but about the spirit world and their endeavors to reach us in so many ways.

Lynn provides private sittings, teaching seminars, workshops, and public demonstrations in her aim to help provide evidence of the one thing that we all search for, and that is our loved ones have not gone forever.

Lynn now lives in West Sussex with her husband, and without the family’s support and understanding would not be able to dedicate so much of her time to the work that Lynn believes is now an integral part of who she is.

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