MaryAnna Clemons

As an intuitive animal communicator, an evidential medium and a spiritual life coach, I work with people to improve their relationships and transform their lives on every level. If there is something better than communicating with our pets, both here and passed on, I don’t know what that is!

I look forward daily to helping others connect with their animal in ways I never thought possible before I expanded my life with intuitive training. The ability to communicate with animals is something I give thanks for every morning.

As a child, I had every pet my mom would let me get. I had rats, Guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, dogs, horses, turkeys, ducks, chickens, birds, turtles and fish (to name a few). These deeply loved moments and now memories have aided me in establishing deep, compassionate connections with all beings.

Today, I am still surrounded by animals. I have five horses, five dogs, three rescue cats that live in my barn and one house cat named Cheddar. I want more animals, but I’m only one person. My animals remind me daily that animal communication is no replacement for training, time and love.

When I connect with your animal my approach is fun, conversational and natural. I will bring through your pet’s personality and validate information with you before continuing. I always want you to know that we are indeed communicating with your special animal before going forward.

I have worked with James Van Praagh for years in mediumship development and in life coaching education. It was during this pivotal time in my life that I realized people mediumship and animal mediumship are not different and that I can offer more than one avenue for healing! That was a very exciting moment for me.

I specialize in:

  • Conversations with your animal about bad behavior, tack fit (horses), comfort levels, food choices, emotional aspects, soul alignment, and health issues
  • Assisting your animal through depression! Yes, animals can become depressed, especially when they have unexamined grief
  • Grief support, whether this is for a human or for an animal – when animals spend years together and one of them passes on, it can affect their emotional state and of course when we humans lose our beloved pets, grief support and closure are a gift
  • Animal Mediumship is the same as human mediumship, I’ll provide you with evidence, shared memories and let you ask questions of your pet in spirit, which can assist with closure and grief
  • I do not guarantee to be able to tell if your pet’s soul is a soul from your past, but I have been given that information before and passed it on (of course)
  • And more! If you can imagine it, we can at least attempt it!!

Having learned to connect with animals (and humans), I take great pride in engaging, informative and healing sessions. I offer my services in person or via zoom depending on location. I am also available as a speaker and in emergency situations.

We are truly the keepers of animal souls and we learn to do it with more grace and kindness as we age.

Contact MaryAnna:
Phone: 719-213-5354
Website: (very important people)