Mediumship – A Gift From The Soul

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Mediumship – A Gift From The Soul

Apr 10, 2021 | JVP's Blog

I’m always excited to start a new session of my Mediumship Level 1 Certification Course because as early as the very first call, I begin to gain a true sense of my students. I enjoy finding out what attracted them to mediumship, discovering the unique ways they connect with Spirit, and hearing the different goals they have for their practice. 

While I’m learning about my students, they are also discovering the ways I teach and mentor – some of which might surprise them. 

Many people who enter the field of mediumship bring with them a preconceived notion of what mediums do and how they conduct readings. They might have gotten their ideas from another spiritual teacher or by watching mediums on television. Often, students come to me with little confidence in their own ability because they don’t feel they conduct readings or connect with the Spirit realm in the same way as other mediums they’ve observed. 

It doesn’t take long for them to realize that as a teacher, I don’t believe in creating “cookie-cutter” mediums! 

Here’s why…

Imagine you’re a gardener, and you’re planting and tending a big, beautiful plot of land. You value every bloom and plant, but you don’t treat them all the same. Some plants flourish in bright sunlight and others prefer shade. Some, like tomato plants, need a special structure to climb. Not only do they need different things, but they each serve a different purpose. Some flowers are showy and highly fragrant, and others are delicate with a subtle scent. Vegetables and herbs have different tastes and provide different nutrients. Imagine if a zucchini felt inadequate because it didn’t smell like a rose? In a garden, every plant, tree and flower come together to create something that is uniquely perfect – and it’s the same with a spiritual community!

What to look for in a spiritual teacher.
If you’re ready to strengthen and develop your own connection to Spirit, it’s important to find a teacher who values your unique gifts – and can help you maximize them.

As a master teacher, I’ve learned that not every medium is spiritual and only a few are called to teach. To develop other mediums, it’s critical that the teacher be able to put their own ego aside and focus on the mission of sending mediums into the world to spread the word that love endures, and death is an illusion. And there’s more than that. One of the most important lessons a new medium must learn is to honor the process of mediumship. Being a medium is a tremendous responsibility. People are so vulnerable in their grief, and a medium can do emotional damage to clients if they are not properly trained.

Mediumship at the soul level.
Here’s something you need to know. Your gift goes beyond your physical being. Your psychic and mediumistic abilities are directed by the Spirit team of guides and teachers who gather around you and assist in “opening-up” your connection in the most optimum way for you. Your Spirit team works to bring forth the latent abilities that reside deep within your soul. 

Everyone’s way of approaching and practicing will be different – formed by their soul’s experience and personality built over many lifetimes. Realizing this helps you honor the gift inside you. Your goal is not to change it to conform with anyone’s idea of what a medium is – but to help it to blossom and grow. 

So, how do you connect with the Spirit Realm?
Some mediums are more visually connected, others more auditory and many sense feelings and emotions from Spirit. You can have two mediums on stage speaking with the same spirit, yet the information they receive is different. That’s why sometimes I enjoy doing readings with another medium. When I find someone who’s mediumship compliments mine, I find that we can bring through amazingly rich and detailed messages. When that happens, I know my audience would agree that two mediums are definitely better than one!

The messages mediums bring through are also connected to what their life experience has been thus far. Different personality styles effect how a medium conducts a reading. For example, I have a sense of humor and attract spirit by being joyful, but other mediums have a different vibe. I’ve even seen “tough love” where mediums are very blunt with their messages – but personally, I believe that spirits’ intention is always to help and heal, not hurt. There are other ways a reading can differ based on who is presenting it. For instance, one medium may bring forth incredible proof of survival by describing the relationship the spirit shared with the loved one on earth, while another can’t pick-up on specifics about relationships, but can tell you the correct street address the spirit lived when on earth.  Why? The second medium might be more analytical, and comfortable with concrete information like dates and addresses. They may have even worked for the post office or been involved with numbers and figures. The spirit draws on the medium’s life experiences to send a message that they will recognize.  

The world needs your gift – however you decide to use it.
Finally, if you’re drawn to mediumship, don’t be discouraged if you can’t imagine yourself on stage doing platform mediumship. You might surprise yourself one day and find you have the confidence to host an event, but if that’s not your calling, there are other options. Many students’ goal is to work with individual clients, or simply to strengthen their own connection and maybe do a few readings for friends and family.

I love to see people combine mediumship with another career or calling. A spirit connection can enhance your career and can be effectively combined with coaching, nursing/ caregiving, counseling, massage and just about any work that serves others. 

Having a spirit connection is a precious gift. If you’re drawn to learn more about your abilities, I invite you to join me in the next session of my Mediumship Level 1 Certification Course. However your soul-given gifts  manifest themselves, and no matter how you choose to use them, the world needs your light! Let me help yours shine a little brighter.