My Gratitude Review for 2017

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My Gratitude Review for 2017

Dec 9, 2017 | JVP's Blog

I try to focus on the now most of the time, but as the year draws to a close, I always set aside time for a personal ritual that is very meaningful to me. I call it my “Gratitude Review.”

A trip backward through the year…

To begin my Gratitude Review, I sit in a shady spot in the garden and ask my guides to lead me back through the last 12 months. The events unfold in my minds eye as if I’m watching a slide show, and while I observe, I make sure to say a silent thank you to the people, places and events that filled my year with light. I take special note of lessons learned, and people who have inspired and enlightened me. Often I’m surprised at what shows up the most clearly – and I take it as a sign that these items have special significance.

I’d like to share some snapshots from my journey through 2017!

Grateful for Divine Guidance:

My latest Hay House release,Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides, and companion Messages From the Guides Transformation Card Deck launched in October. It was beyond gratifying to introduce so many of my readers, students and friends to the guides, angels and spirit friends that make up their “team.” My own guides are a constant source of protection, inspiration and unconditional love. I am so grateful for them, and grateful for my friends at Hay House and everyone who made it possible for me to share this book with the world!

Sharing the stage with warm, wonderful and gifted friends:

As I peruse the events of 2017, I look back with fondness at the dear friends who joined me on stage! I had the pleasure of hosting a workshop in Encinitas with Lynn Probert, as well as leading a group of spiritual seekers on a cruise of the Greek Islands with Lynn Probert and Tony Stockwell. Davidji and I held a weekend workshop in paradise (Paradise Point Resort in San Diego) and Chris Drew joined me for an amazing event at the Soul of Yoga. I shared an evening of Spirit Messages with the legendary Mavis Pittilla, and finally, Melinda Vail and I spent a weekend teaching secrets of mediumship, mindfulness and karma in Scottsdale AZ. Each of these encounters was a precious gift to me, as well as to those in the audience!

Thankful to offer new Courses at the JVP School of Mystical Arts:  

The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts continues to be a source of tremendous gratitude to me, as it allows me to accomplish my dream of sharing techniques and wisdom I’ve gathered over three decades! This year I offered students a new Spiritual Healer Certification Course, as well as launching Signs from the Universe and Connecting to Your Guides, Angels, and Masters/. I look forward to new courses in 2018 – I’m depending on my guides and students to give me some ideas for new courses!

Thrilled to bring together like-minded Individuals:  

My all new, advanced level Mediumship 2 Certification was an absolute delight! I was able to provide personal mentoring, live and online, to a very gifted group of students. The program included videos, exercises and getting together every month on video calls, and then in-person in Encinitas, CA. The connections we made to spirit and to each other will never be forgotten! Stay tuned for info about the next session of Mediumship 2, beginning in early 2018.

Big happenings In the JVP backyard.

As I bring my virtual journey to a close, I open my eyes and see my beloved garden. The joy and grounding working with the earth and plants provides is priceless, and it might just be the next step in my spiritual journey. Lately, I’ve been feeling called upon to combine my love of gardening with my spiritual gifts, and am planning a way to merge both gifts as I create Healing Gardens for others! I’ll be sharing more with you about this new project next year.

Thank you to Family and Staff:

 I feel so blessed to have my wonderful family, Brian and my little doggies, as well as the JVP support staff who help to make my dream of spreading mindfulness, spirituality and unconditional love a reality: Liz Cooke, my Operations manager, who is dedicated to making sure my healing message gets out to the world; Melissa Searing, who keeps me on schedule – whatever time zone I happen to be in; Emily Manning, who manages the school and the JVP student community; Kelley Krienbrink, who sets up the events that allow me to share my message with the wold.  And of course to EVERYONE reading this….Thank you for your enthusiasm in my work and assisting me spread the word – Happy Holidays to all!