Our Four Legged Soulmates

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Our Four Legged Soulmates

Mar 15, 2019 | JVP's Blog

Anyone who has shared their home with a pet can attest to the joy and unconditional love they provide. But of all the furry, feathered or fishy friends you meet, there will be one or two who find a special place in your heart. When that happens, you know you’ve met your animal soul-mate.

Some animals are put in your path for a reason. They might be here to teach you lessons about unconditional love, or they may have been connected to you in a past lifetime. Sometimes they are appear just when you need them most, to heal you.

I will never forget the story of how Maisey came into my life. Years earlier, Brian and I had adopted Boo Radley, a spunky chihuahua, and Boston terrier mix, and we thought our little family was complete.

Then, one day I was driving in downtown San Diego. Pulling up to an intersection, I saw a little girl standing in the corner waiting for the light to change. She was holding a puppy in her arms. The thought flashed into my head “that little dog should be on a leash!” when seconds later the puppy leaped from her arms and raced into the street. The inevitable occurred: a car made its way into the intersection and drove over the poor puppy. “Oh no.” I got out of my car and ran to the puppy, knelt down and saw the poor baby writhing in pain. I remember feeling so powerless – wishing I could heal it, turn back time, something to not make this animal hurt anymore. There was nothing anyone could do, and within seconds the little dog had crossed over. The poor little girl was crying, “Just let me say goodbye!” I was so angry at the mother for allowing this to happen, because I knew this event would scar her daughter’s heart.

I eventually left the scene, but my spirit was badly damaged as well. I couldn’t wait to get home and hold Boo in my arms. That scene plagued me for two weeks, and I couldn’t do anything to shake it off. I kept playing that scene over in my mind, so I asked the Spirit world to help me.

That night, I had a dream. I was with an angel, and we were walking in a park near the shelter where I had rescued Boo. The angel told me to go to the shelter – that there would be a dog there that would heal me and that I would recognize her immediately.

The next morning, I drove to the rescue shelter and looked in each one of the kennels, but I didn’t feel the connection that the angel had promised. I walked back to the lobby feeling distraught and more depressed than ever. Had the angel been wrong? As I sat in the lobby, I noticed a volunteer bringing a dog back from a walk. I spotted shiny black button eyes and a sweet little white muzzle. My heart skipped a beat as I went over to look. I felt the dog was calling to me. The moment I got near her, she wagged her tail and rolled on her back to show me her freckled belly. That was the same position that I had seen the wounded puppy in! This was my dog! We immediately bonded, and she could not stop licking me!!

Today, she is the loving sister of Boo Radley and a wonderful addition to our family. She has brought my life back to me and continues to heal me every day. I’ll never forget that poor dog in San Diego, but Maisey has filled the void in my soul that was opened that day. She is a constant reminder that everything happens for a reason and that for her, I am perfect and loved.

This Tuesday on Hay House radio, I’ll be chatting with spiritual teacher and fellow animal lover, Robert Thurman.  I’m also looking forward to opening up the mike and doing live pet readings on the air. If you’re an animal lover, download the Hay House Radio app, or listen live here.