Peter Redgrove

Peter Redgrove Transformational Lifestyle Coaching

Create a plan focused on actions and start discovering the true direction of your life. Peter Redgrove Life Coach offers a broad array of holistic coaching models that fit your line of work and your place along the way to progress. We’ll work together through brainstorming sessions that lead to a personalized plan of action going forward.

Whether you are contemplating a change in your career path or advancement in your current situation, I’m here to assist you. My career guidance has helped hundreds of professionals achieve their goals thanks to the decades of experience I’ve gathered during my time serving the executive and legal search communities. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as our nation’s most prestigious law firms.

The ideas we generate are designed around foundational values and your spectrum of strengths. Your faith, your character, and your service will be honored through this process that builds on your physical, intellectual, spiritual, and even psychological advantages.

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Phone: (800) 470-4064