Pets: A Gift From Heaven

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Pets: A Gift From Heaven

Sep 11, 2021 | JVP's Blog

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” – Orhan Pamuk

I believe dogs and cats are on this earth just to remind us that love is all that matters! It doesn’t matter how the world sees you, your pet loves you unconditionally – you might be rich or poor, old or young, but your pet doesn’t care – all they desire is to be with you.

It stands to reason that such a pure connection endures even after death. I’ve comforted countless animal lovers with messages like these from their deceased pets:

“I still sleep at the foot of your bed.”
“I’m still by your side – just like always!”
“I live on through the new puppy you adopted, and I’m sharing everything you taught me.”
“That bark you think you heard? That was me!”
“I’ll always love you.”

When the sad day arrives when you have to part with your pet, know they are there in Spirit form to help you through the loss of their physical companionship, and they often try to connect with other family members to say goodbye.

A Goodbye from Zooey.
My friend, Liz, shared something that happened to her yesterday. Her elderly pug, Zooey, had passed due to several health problems and Liz was dreading breaking the news to her son, Kevin, who was away at college. She didn’t have the heart to call him on the day it happened, but the next morning the phone rang, and it was Kevin. They chatted for a while, but she barely heard what he was saying. All she could think about was how sad he would be when he heard the news. She couldn’t bear to bring it up, but she didn’t have to, because suddenly he changed the subject.

“Hey Mom, I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt that Zooey died. She was kind of coughing and hiccupping, so I put her on my lap and I was petting her, and she just stopped breathing. It felt so real!”

Not only had his beloved dog visited him to say goodbye, but she made it easier for him to learn of her passing. After years of working with me, Liz was able to assure her son that Zooey would always be with him. After all, she had proved it by visiting him in his dream on the night she died.

This story isn’t unusual! I’ve heard the same kind of account countless times from pet lovers. Unless your pet is a tortoise or parrot and might live for 100 years, their lives are far too short, and it’s heartbreaking to think of life without them.

How to Feel Closer to Your Pet.
Do you have a special pet? Here are some ways to deepen the spiritual connection between the two of you:

Tune into your pet energetically – don’t stare into their eyes, because animals can find intense eye contact threatening, but gently focus on them while stroking them or touching them and imagine a flow of love and light traveling between you. Imagine your pet as a beautiful soul inhabiting a physical body. Ask if they have a message for you, then invite them to connect with you psychically or to visit you in your dreams.

Look at the world from your pets’ point of view. If they’re close to the ground, get down next to them so you can see the world from their level. When you’re walking or driving with your pet, be mindful of the sights, sounds, and smells that are getting them so excited! Take the time to imagine what they are experiencing.

Journal or write about your pet – ask yourself what has brought the two of you together. In my situation, Maisy came into my life to heal me from a trauma that I couldn’t shake.

Let your pet know how much you appreciate them. Make them feel taken care of and understood. They can’t speak, but they’ll give you signs to let you know if they are happy, healthy and comfortable.

I treasure every day with my dog, Maisey. In addition to all the other gifts she’s given me, Maisey has made me realize that love is infinite and ever-expanding. And no matter what, I know she’ll always be there for me, nudging me with her little nose to let me know she’s around.