Spiritual Encounters on the Road

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Spiritual Encounters on the Road

Nov 13, 2015 | JVP's Blog

I just wrapped up a marvelous six-week tour of Europe, Canada, and a few spots in the USA, and thought it would be fun to share some of the interesting experiences I had along the way. People always ask me if there’s a language barrier in the spirit world, and if I have difficulty traveling to places where they speak another language. Lucky for me, the voice of Spirit is universal – messages come through in the form of thoughts, images and feelings – all of which I can easily understand, no translator needed!  I don’t know if it was the season (winter is a particularly good time for reaching through the veil and connecting with the other side) or the energy of the places that I visited, but I had some amazing otherworldly experiences during this trip!

Foreshadowing of readings to come.

When I’m on the road, I’m always on the lookout for “impressions” – signs that catch my attention before a demonstration. Impressions are a preview of things that will come through later in my readings.  To clarify, I’ll share a couple from this trip.

The first occurred when we were still in the USA. We were cruising along on the highway headed to our next event when suddenly, out of nowhere,  a red white and blue mylar balloon floated down and bounced off the car windshield. I immediately thought “this was no random accident!” Later that evening, the spirit of a young boy came through. The first message he wanted me to share with his mother was that he was with her when the red, white and blue balloons were released at his funeral.

I picked up another impression in London – and this was an unusual one! As I was unpacking my suitcase, I pulled out the shoes I intended to wear that night, only to discover one of them had a deep scuff on the leather. I was sure it hadn’t been there when I packed them! I picked up another pair of shoes and headed to the London Spiritual Mission, where I was hosting a demonstration with Lynn Probert. Halfway through the evening, an older woman came through to me. In her hand was a worn bible, and on its leather cover was a scuff – identical to the one that had been on my shoe!

Letting in the healing light.

As a medium, I cherish the opportunity to use my connection with Spirit to heal the living. During my mediumship workshop in Switzerland, I had the chance to do that. A spirit was trying desperately to come through to one of my students, but she wouldn’t let him in. She told me it was her father and that she didn’t want to hear from him, because she couldn’t forgive him for his actions during the war. He tried and tried to come through and she blocked him every time. I could see that she needed to hear his message – so she could forgive him and heal. Finally she allowed me to communicate his message. He told her that he had been young and afraid during the war. Once he died, he had the chance to review his life, and had repented and made amends for what he had done. I could tell that his spirit was finally in the light.  She heard his message and was absorbing it, when suddenly a ray of light broke through the cloudy Swiss skies, shone through the window and illuminated her face.  She took that as a sign, and let go of the resentment that she had been carrying toward her father so she too, could be in the light.

On a lighter note.

A funny thing happened to me on one of my Canadian stops.  An elderly  man was coming through with amazing clarity. I kept sharing detail upon detail about him with the audience, but no one came forward to claim him. I was baffled, because I knew that there was a connection to be made. After the demonstration, I was signing a book for a gentleman, and he said to me in that low-key, Canadian way – “That soldier you were talking about, that was my father.” I asked him why he didn’t stand up, and he replied “I knew it was him – so that’s all that mattered.”  I can’t argue with that, but my demonstrations would be pretty dull if everyone felt that way!

Next Stop Redondo Beach!

It’s great to be home, and I’m enjoying my wonderful memories of the friends that I met on my journey! There’s nothing like a live demonstration to make you feel closer to Spirit – I hope you’ll share the space with me soon at a workshop or demonstration. I’ll be in Redondo Beach, Maui, and Palm Desert over the next few weeks. Go to www.vanpraagh.com/events to find out more!