Summer Reads for Your Mind, Body and Soul

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Summer Reads for Your Mind, Body and Soul

Jun 14, 2019 | JVP's Blog

As summer approaches, my travel schedule slows down, and I find myself with a bit more leisure time. I’m on the road so much that being able to relax at home is an absolute luxury. And for me, the ultimate “stay-cation” has three main components: gardening, swimming, and reading.

If you love nothing better than relaxing with a book at the beach, in a coffee shop, or in your own backyard, you’re in luck. My staff and I have gathered some of our favorite summer reading picks. We hope you’ll decide to pick up one or two for your own enlightenment, inspiration and entertainment! Feel free to jump on our Facebook page this week and weigh in on our favorites – or share your own recommendations.

We’re a diverse bunch, so you won’t just find books about mediumship and spirituality here. There’s something for everyone, but let’s start with the more serious choices:

The Invisible Garment by Connie Kaplan is absolutely fascinating! You’ve probably heard me talk about the “contract” souls make before they come to earth? That’s what this book is all about! Connie shares the 30 spiritual principles that make up a person’s spiritual DNA – their reason for being here. Her ideas are life-changing and are giving me some new perspective on my relationship with myself and others.

Essential Spirituality by Roger Walsh, M.D., PHD is a spiritual must-read for anyone who believes, as I do, that we are all ONE. The author gets to the core the great spiritual traditions to identify their 7 common principles. Essential Spirituality shows how you can integrate these practices into your life to awaken your heart and mind, and remain true to your spiritual core, even in the most difficult times.

Emily, my course developer, has been working with me to launch my newest course, The JVP Spiritual Life Coaching Certification. It’s designed to help anyone achieve personal, spiritual and financial success – while remaining true to their soul. Emily is an expert in this area, and suggested this book for anyone ready to use the power of their intentions to attract abundance. Catherine Ponder’s book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, will help anyone manifest what they need to live the life of their dreams.

Emily also recommends Jack Canfield’s classic, The Success Principles. It’s stood the test of time with profound and helpful advice for anyone trying to navigate life’s path.

My operations manager, Liz, had two suggestions. Liz is an advocate of meditation as a stress buster and mood elevator. Plus, being present and “in the moment” makes you a better friend, spouse, employee and parent – so who wouldn’t spend a few minutes a day to reap all those rewards?

Liz suggests adding Davidji’s Secrets of Meditation and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to your own mindfulness library!

All of these suggestions are captivating reads that have something to teach. But sometimes you don’t want to work so hard, and simply want a well written book with  a great story to tell.

I have a great suggestion for a fun read!

Recently, I picked up Boys Keep Swinging by Jake Shears. Shears shares tales of his days in New York City as the lead singer of the iconic glam rock band Scissor Sisters. I’ve been loving how he portrays the underground music scene in New York, but he goes back further to reveal the events in his young life that made him who he is today.

I hope we’ve inspired you to head to the bookstore or load up your Kindle for some great summer reads. These picks are sure to open your eyes to some new ideas. Don’t forget to let me know what you think on my Facebook page!