Tami Hendrix

I am an intuitive animal communicator, a compassionate medium, and a healer committed to helping relationships transform on every level. My childhood experiences helped me forge a deep, compassionate connection with all beings, allowing me to see the true essence of any soul or situation. This unique ability enables me to tune in and see the soul path of your animal and how that intertwines with your own. And since I maintain a private animal sanctuary, I have first-hand experience with many different animals and situations. My style is conversational and natural, and you will have no doubt you are connecting with your pet. I have worked with James Van Praagh for many years in mediumship development classes. My experiences with James have solidified my passion to help pets who have crossed over connect with their humans in a beautifully healing way. They love being included in any conversation, for they have lots of opinions, feelings, and insights they want to share!

Some of the many areas I can assist with:

— Addressing situations regarding health, emotional needs, and behavioral concerns

— Providing guidance for animals and their people in times of trauma or stress— Working with animals and their people as they transition from this world

— Connecting with animals in spirit and providing closure to owners during the grief process

— Uncovering the multiple life/soul paths each animal has and how their paths play an intricate role in our lives

— Giving insight to situations regarding lost animals. Guiding owners toward the best solutions and methods to help locate the lost animal

Connecting with animals is a richly rewarding experience, for it breaks down communication barriers and provides clarity into and underneath the issue at hand. By being open and present with one another, we realize that we are all equals no matter what form we show up in. Whether you are a pig, a dog, a human, or have wings, a soul is a soul no matter what. We all want to be seen and heard. We all have value. We all matter. And, as it turns out, communication and connection with one another is something we all can do! This feeling of connection leads us straight to our souls — our true essence. This is what SoulSpeak is all about!

It is my greatest joy to be a facilitator for personal and spiritual growth with your animal. We truly are all in this together!

I offer private consultations with you and your pet via phone, Zoom, and in-person.

Contact Tami:

Phone: (336) 638-1473
Email: tami@tamihendrix.com
Website: www.tamihendrix.com