Imagine that you are going to see a psychic or a medium. You might be attending a group event, having a personal reading, or even doing a reading on yourself. Regardless, there’s one thing you can do to make sure you get the message you need to hear.

The secret is to surrender to the wisdom of the universe.

Many people do exactly the opposite! They’re pushing to connect with a particular loved one in the spirit realm or trying to force the answer to a question they’re struggling with.

They feel their session won’t be a success if they don’t get the answer they’re looking for..

“Is my Mother angry that I wasn’t there when she died?”

“Does my father approve of my new boyfriend?”

“Could I have prevented my husband from committing suicide?”

“What career choice is right for me?”

“Will I ever find love, happiness, and financial independence?”

Guess what? The more you force these questions, the less likely you are to receive the answers you are looking for. Even if you do, you’ll wind up second guessing yourself, wondering if the message you received came from the spirit world or from your own wishful thinking.

So, stop pushing! In fact, try not to make your reading about you at all. Instead, take the opportunity to experience what the spirit world has to offer without judgment. Allow the love energy of the universe to engulf you. The answers will come, if you let them.

If you find this idea difficult to accept, I understand! We humans always want to control every situation. Surrender isn’t something we embrace automatically, it takes practice.

I created this simple exercise to illustrate what happens when you focus on the spirit people, and not on your own needs. I invite you to spend a few moments and take this mind journey. I’m sending loving, empowering energy to help you!

Exercise: Love from the Spirit Realm:

Close your eyes and tap into the stillness. You will be traveling to a space that is uniquely yours – where you can be your authentic self and experience your soul’s light. 

Be mindful of your breath…

With every breath, imagine a brilliant golden healing light.

Breath in…

As you inhale, imagine every fiber of your being purified with this healing light. 

Then breathe out…

As you exhale, release any energy you are holding onto that doesn’t serve you. 

Use your imagination to put yourself into a world of light. You find yourself in a beautiful garden of your own creation. Use your imagination to envision any flowers, trees, benches and fountains you like. 

After spending a few moments in your mind-garden, you look up and coming toward you is a radiant being. It is your guide. 

You may recognize him, or you may not. It doesn’t matter, your guide is here for you.

Your guide brings you to a lovely house. It is your spirit home, and it feels familiar because you have created it with your soul.

You step into a square room, filled with all the lovely things you like – furniture, rugs, artwork, books.  

You notice two chairs facing each other. As you sit facing the chair, you see a window behind the chair. As you gaze out the window, someone appears. Invite them in to sit in the chair. 

You might be surprised at who appears, but trust that they are the being you are meant to connect with at this time.

Look at them, and speak to them, soul to soul. 

Ask them what they are doing on the other side. What is their mission? Ask them questions about what their life is like now. Don’t try to steer the conversation back to you, just learn about them.

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