Once you decide what you want in life, making your vision a reality comes down to making changes that will lead you closer to your goal. Sometimes it only takes a small shift in behavior to get you on the right path.

But what if you know what you want, but don’t have the confidence to take that first step? Maybe you haven’t given yourself permission to put your needs first and sign up for that course, invest in a gym membership, or get out of an unfulfilling relationship.

If you’re a highly sensitive or empathic person “just do it” is probably not your personal mantra. It’s more likely “just do it, as long as it doesn’t upset anyone else.”

As a highly sensitive or empathic person, you have distinct needs and ways of doing things. But that shouldn’t stand in your way! You can create the life you want. You just have to understand how to make changes in a way that works for you. Once you’ve done that, rather than creating a barrier, your sensitivity will become the key to unlocking the life you dream of.

A professor in college once told me that you can make a plan to change anything by deciding what to do more of, what to do less of, and what to do differently. That information seems simplistic, but it stuck with me because it holds true for just about anything!

Which leads me to these Tips for Success for the Highly Sensitive Person.

What to do more of:

Practice Self-Care. You deserve to be healthy, happy and calm. For a sensitive person, that equates to giving yourself time and space to recover from the chaos of everyday life. Decide what you need to feel safe and protected – time to read, a walk outside, a phone call with a trusted friend – then schedule that activity into your day.

Set Healthy Boundaries. Heed the words of Elaine N. Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You. “Make good boundaries your goal. They are your right, your responsibility, your greatest source of dignity.” Remember that boundaries benefit everyone in the relationship!

Create a Nurturing Environment. Sensitive people need a sanctuary where they feel secure and happy. Take steps to turn your office, bedroom – anyplace where you spend time – into your “happy place.” Something as simple as a coat of sky blue paint, healing music, a cherished piece of artwork, crystals or a lovely plant can do the trick!

Develop a positive spiritual practice or a daily ritual. Make positive affirmations, journaling, or a practice of meditation and mindfulness a part of every day.

What to do less of:

Tolerate bad situations because of other people’s feelings. Set limits for the sake of your own mental, physical and spiritual health (did I mention boundaries?) You matter, and if a group of friends, social gathering, or any event makes you uncomfortable, give yourself permission to pass on it, and choose an option that is better for you.

Take on other people’s energy. Highly Sensitive People, by their nature, take on the energy of others. Be aware of this tendency, and create distance between yourself and the “energy vampires.”

Make decisions based on guilt, fear or insecurity. Switch your “go-to” reactions of guilt, worry, and “I’m not good enough” and make “I’m capable, I deserve it, and everything will turn out fine” your new mantra.

What to do differently:

Acknowledge your sensitivity and use it to help yourself – as well as other people. Change your idea that sensitivity is the reason you feel overwhelmed, stressed and sad and treat it like the gift and blessing that it is.

Set Goals, taking your sensitivity into account. Your sensitivity give you an edge in many areas! Sensitive People and empaths make the best writers, historians, philosophers, judges, artists, researchers, theologians, therapists, teachers, parents, and plain conscientious citizens. What you bring to these roles is an ability to put aside your ego and see all sides – and think about all the, possible effects of an idea.

So my sensitive reader, I encourage you to try to make some of these subtle changes in your own life. I guarantee that they’ll help you be happy, successful and thrive! If you need some more ideas and encouragement – you’re in luck! My three-part video series starts today – check out my first video now! And remember to embrace your special nature! You have our style and our own important contribution to make.