As I write this, I’m flying above the clouds, headed to the east coast for a two-week whirlwind tour. I’ll be starting with an empowerment workshop at the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, then meeting up with my good friend from “across the pond” Tony Stockwell. Together we’ll appear at the Palace Theatre in Manchester New Hampshire, after that we’re off to Beverly Massachusetts and wrapping up on May 7th in Sugarloaf, New York.

Tony and I are a great team! We’ve worked together dozens of times over the last 20 years, co-hosting workshops and demonstrations across the USA and Europe. Tony is a gifted medium with a wicked sense of humor. We’ll be sharing a rental car for a road trip that I know will be full of fun, laughter and visits from Spirit!

I welcome the chance to share the stage with other mediums. I’m always fascinated by the ways different mediums approach the Spirit world, and love the process of merging my energy with that of another “ghost whisperer.”

A double link equals 2X the Spirit connection!

When two mediums combine forces and work together to pierce the veil between the physical world and the realm of Spirit, it’s called a double link.  When the chemistry between the two mediums is right, double links can result in some of the most amazing and accurate readings imaginable!  Tony and I have great chemistry because we approach Mediumship in the same way –putting ego aside to serve both the audience and the Spirit community. I have countless memories of double links that Tony and I have shared where we amazed audiences, and ourselves, with detailed and accurate messages from the other side.

One message was unforgettable, both because of the detail that came through and the chilling nature of what was revealed.

Our most memorable, and shocking, double link.

Tony and I were in Gibraltar – a beautiful peninsula shadowed by a huge rock formation that sits at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. We were at a charming old theatre with, at the most, 300 people in the audience. After a meditation and a couple of individual readings, we stood together to merge our energy for a double link.

Almost immediately we were jolted by a horrible image. The body of what had once been a beautiful young woman was lying in a bathtub. She was covered in blood, and there were fresh bruises on her face.  Messages started to come through – first to me and then to Tony. We had to make a conscious effort to slow down the flow. I received a message that the woman’s name was Michelle. Tony saw an old scar on her body, then flashed to a scene of three men dragging her limp body out of the house. We both received the message that she had been the victim of a drug ring, who had killed her to punish her boyfriend, a policeman, for arresting one of it’s members. We watched as the three men took her body out to sea on a boat. “He feels so guilty- tell him I forgive him, and that I’m safe now” Michelle’s spirit implored us to tell her boyfriend. I could see a man in the audience looking stricken. Does this make sense to you? I asked him. It all did.

After the event, the man from the audience came up to Tony and I. He was crying. We knew it had to be Michelle’s boyfriend. He told us he had been to many mediums trying to make contact with Michelle, to beg her forgiveness. No one had been able to help until Tony and I had teamed up with our powerful double link.  Now he felt comforted that Michelle was at peace. While this story is disturbing, it also illustrates the enduring power of love and forgiveness – and the effectiveness of the double link.

I always tell people that when executed correctly, with pure intent, the double link is like a beautiful dance.  Tony and I have mastered the dance – effortlessly taking turns receiving insights, filling in blanks for each other until a detailed picture is revealed to us, and to the audience.

I invite you to join Tony Stockwell and me for a demonstration of The Best of International Mediumship. We’ll be at the Palace Theatre in Manchester New Hampshire on May 4th; the Larcom Theatre in Beverly Massachusetts on May 6th; ending our tour on May 7th at the Performing Arts Center in Sugarloaf, New York.

Reserve your tickets now and experience the double link for yourself!