We All Need Each Other!

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We All Need Each Other!

Nov 19, 2021 | JVP's Blog

It’s not unusual to get stuck in one way of looking at things, but sometimes a small shift in perspective can provide a big dose of enlightenment. This thought-provoking blog written by my advanced mediumship student, Sarah Taylor, reminds me of how connected we all are. Thanksgiving is almost here, and my wish is that Sarah’s words help you feel a sense of connection and gratitude during this season and all year long.



We All Need Each Other!

A guest blog by Sarah Taylor, Mediumship Level III Student

It doesn’t matter where you live or what country you live in, we all need each other. In this magical, loving, wonderful place we call earth, stop and think how many people and miles it takes to get food, supplies, products, medical products, and items to fulfill our needs and wants.

Think about a simple can of green beans that you are going to eat at home with your meal. From the time the farmer purchases the seed to grow the green beans to the time you get the can of green beans at home, think about how many people, miles, and hours of labor worked that one can of green beans took to reach your kitchen cupboard.

Now let’s get more in-depth with the food supply chain. Mostly everyone has a favorite brand of macaroni and cheese they make at home or go out at a restaurant to eat. Also, think about ordering take-out pizza from your favorite pizza place. From the purchase of the seeds to grow the ingredients and the birth of the cow that supplies milk for the cheese.  Think about all the people, miles, and labor it took to make that pizza or macaroni and cheese pasta dish.

When you are at home look around at all your personal possessions and materials your home is built. Sit back and look at the clothes in your closet or your bathroom towels. Someone was responsible for growing the cotton, harvesting cotton, and then manufacturing cotton into clothes or bathroom towels. Think of all the different people and different jobs it took to make clothes, shoes, and bathroom towels.

Next look at your kitchen: cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, paint, lighting, electrical outlets that run appliances, and plumbing. Really think about the materials, manufacturing, harvesting trees for cabinets and all the different jobs it took to grow, make, or manufacture everything in your kitchen. Then think about all the different jobs, transportation miles, and hours it took to make every single object that is in your kitchen.

Imagine you have been in an accident and need medical attention. You go to the hospital by ambulance. Stop and think about everything from the manufacturing of the ambulance to the building of the hospital. Think about all the materials, machines, and all the different people working different jobs all over the world it took to manufacture ambulances and build the hospital and supply everything in the hospital. To all the people who trained all our first responders, I am truly grateful for your teachings of skills and sharing knowledge.

From my heart with pure LOVE, I am so grateful to all our first responders.

I am also very grateful to all the people all over the world who work different jobs that build or manufacture what our first responders need to save lives and help people, animals, and the earth.

When you are eating Thanksgiving Day dinner –  from the meal to every material possession that is in your room – think about all the different jobs, miles of transportation, and hours worked, and be grateful and thankful to all the people and different jobs worked all around the world for everything you have.  Please remember we all need each other, be kind, be caring, and most important LOVE each other and LOVE the earth.

Sarah Taylor is a psychic medium and resides in the United States. As a young child, Sarah could see and talk to spirits, but her mediumship skills really began to develop as a young teenager and advance more in her adult life.  Sarah’s greatest love is delivering a spirit message to a loved one and seeing that person’s face light up with love, happiness, and joy.  Sarah’s greatest love and honor is to continue James’ work as a medium working for the highest good.