My students are an enlightened group, and often bring up ideas that help me refine and improve my teachings. Recently, a student was questioning what I had said about everyone having the ability to connect with Spirit. She had heard me say on another occasion that not everyone can be a medium and was confused by what she saw as a mixed message.

It got me thinking about my advanced mediumship students and what differentiates them from those who occasionally get glimpses into the Spirit realm.

Right now, I’m accepting applications for my Mediumship Level 2 Graduate Program. A common question that I am asked by those considering the course is “Am I ready for this level of mediumship.” My answer is this “Can you raise and sustain your vibration to connect with Spirit.” The ability to do this is what makes you a medium. The questions in the application are designed to ensure that those selected to join this elite apprentice program will receive maximum benefit – both from my teachings and from their fellow students.

The paradox of Sitting in Your Power:
The challenge of mediumship is to be able to sustain a spirit connection at will. The first step to doing that is to step into your power. But what does it mean to be in your power? Here’s where the paradox comes in. Sitting in your power doesn’t mean having control or flexing your muscles or anything you would typically associate with that phrase. Sitting in your power is something very different – it is difficult, but at the same time very simple – and it’s all about connecting with the power within you.

To tap into your power, you have to eliminate the noise of the physical world, which includes the judgment of other people and the “shoulds” and expectations of everyday life and go deep, deep, deep within yourself.

By sitting in the stillness and understanding -and truly believing – that you are a soul having a human experience on earth, you tap into your very essence. You become centered in your own soul, while at the same time feeling connected with the infinite universe. Crazy – right?

What does it feel like when you are in your power?

  • You feel at peace and still, but with a sense of bubbling excitement and unlimited potential!
  • You sense the support of your Spirit guides all around you.
  • You hear the voice of your intuition – your soul’s voice – loud and clear.
  • You are able to receive messages from beings in the Spirit realm.
  • You feel a profound connection to ALL souls, at every level of existence.
  • You realize that your essence is PURE LOVE.
  • When you’re in your power everything is quiet and still, but it’s anything but passive and boring. You’ll find yourself feeling the joy that comes from being your true self, realizing your unlimited potential.  I often describe the feeling as being like a champagne bottle trapping effervescent bubbles that will be released into the universe.

Once my advanced students have mastered this technique, they move on to other advanced facets of mediumship. They learn my best techniques for delivering clear detailed messages and gain the confidence to make the most of their own unique gift. They sit in development circles to work on these techniques, and in the process, they become a close-knit community, giving each other the strength and encouragement to share their light with the world.

If you feel a strong connection to Spirit and long to take your gift of mediumship to the next level, you can learn to connect with your power by submitting a short application to join me, and a wonderful group of like minded students in my Mediumship Level II Graduate Program. Only a few weeks remain before our journey begins! If you are feeling called, step into your power now and listen to your soul wisdom. Don’t be left behind!