Which Ascended Master is a Match For YOU?

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Which Ascended Master is a Match For YOU?

Nov 2, 2017 | JVP's Blog

Just a few days ago, Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides , became available online and in bookstores everywhere. My new book is a game changer for anyone who could use some  support, protection and inspiration – and isn’t that every one of us? Your own spirit guide team might be made up of loved ones who have passed, earthly guides who are still among the living, archangels, angels, animal guides. There’s also a group that I call upon every day – the ascended masters. I wouldn’t be where I am today without inspiration from these divine entities.

Who are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are a group of spiritually enlightened beings who once lived as humans. Through their own hard work, they have cleared all their karma and have left the cycle of rebirth. In essence, they have achieved mastery. They’re now on standby, waiting to share their profound wisdom on all aspects of your spiritual and personal development.

Jesus, Buddha, Hilarian, Mother Mary, Eros and many other spiritual icons make up this elite group. Answer the questions below to discover which of the ascended masters can provide the inspiration and support you need to take the next step on your earthly journey!

Chose the answer that most applies to you at this moment:

1) Imagine yourself in each of these settings. Where do you feel the strongest sense of peace and harmony?

  1. a) Praying or meditating in a church or chapel
  2. b) Exploring a museum or listening to an orchestra or choral performance
  3. c) Walking on a remote beach or in a beautiful forest
  4. d) Spending time with friends and family

2) Which of these acts of service do you participate in the most often?

  1. a) Missionary work or feeding the poor and homeless
  2. b) Fund raising to support education, art, music and literature
  3. c) Planting trees and cleaning up the environment
  4. d) Providing comfort and help at hospitals and elderly living facilities

3) Your ideal soul-mate, (either a partner or friend) would –

  1. a) Inspire you to be a better person with their charity and selflessness
  2. b) Dazzle you with their wisdom and creativity
  3. c) Soothe you with their serenity and balanced approach to living
  4. d) Comfort you with unconditional love and a healing smile

4) You are choosing something to decorate your home. Which of these would appeal the most to you?

  1. a) A religious icon or statue
  2. b) An abstract or modern painting
  3. c) A landscape or seascape
  4. d) Photographs of loved ones

5) Choose an area of your life where you feel blocked, or find yourself repeating negative behaviors over and over.

  1. a) Emotional health and spirituality
  2. b) Career, education or financial matters
  3. c) Finding life balance and dealing with stress
  4. d) Relationships with partners, friends and family

Interpreting Your Results:

Did you select more a’s, b’s, c’s or d’s? Take a look at the list of guides under your predominant letter and reach out to the one in your category that most resonates with you! Some of these masters fit in multiple categories, but I used my intuition to divide them into these four groups: 

Group A Represents Unconditional Love, Service, Faith and Spirituality

A very well-known master, Jesus works with the energies of teaching, unconditional love, joy, forgiveness and devotion to your higher self. He helps anyone who calls on him with healing emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Mother Mary:

As the mother of Jesus, Mother Mary is known for helping children and people who work with children. She’s also a strong master of unconditional love and compassion.

Serapis Bey:
An Egyptian god of ascension, Serapis Bey assists in the self disciplines necessary for all personal and spiritual growth.

Group B Supports Education, Career, Creativity 

The Hindu goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi is a master to call upon for help with any financial worries.

Paul the Venetian:
When he was incarnated in the 1500s, Paul the Venetian was the Italian Renaissance artist Paolo Veronese. An advocate of beauty as a pathway to enlightenment, he is now here as a master to help us with creativity in all its forms.

Saint Germain:

A count from France, St. Germain was known as the Wonderman of Europe during his lifetime in the 1700s. He is a master with magical abilities and helps bring about integrity and peace.

Group C Holds the Key to Balance, Enlightenment, Nature


Buddha incarnated on Earth as Siddhartha Gautama in 563 B.C. For 45 years, he walked throughout India and devoted his life to ending suffering. After trying several spiritual paths, he determined moderation was the way. As a master, he helps you find balance and maintain your inner peace in the midst of difficulties.

Lao Tzu:

As the father of Taosim, you may know Lao Tzu from the many wise quotes attributed to him from the classic The Tao. He is not only a master of wisdom but also of joy and lightness of being. He is here to remind us to embrace simple joys.

Saint Francis of Assisi:

A wealthy merchant who renounced his inheritance to follow the spiritual path, St. Francis of Assisi is known as a master who helps the environment and animals.


As one of the main Hindu gods, Vishnu is called the preserver and works to keep the world safe. He brings about harmony and provides protection and mercy.

Group D Is associated with love of family, motherhood and healing


Ascended Master Isis was the Egyptian goddess of Motherhood and fertility. She helps with feminine strength and power and can help you find time to enjoy all aspects of life.

Kuan Yin:
A buddhist goddess, Kuan Yin is a master of unconditional love. She’ll comfort you with compassion, help you forgive, and answer your prayers. She is a wonderful master to call in when you’re struggling with emotional baggage.

A 4th century healer, Hilarion is now a healing master who helps you heal yourself and others.

The Greek god of love, Eros is here to help you understand there are many levels of love. He’ll help you open up your heart chakra and heal more deeply.

There are many ascended masters, some who recently ascended and others who lived in ancient times. Regardless of who they were in their countless past lives, they are now on standby, waiting to share their profound wisdom on all aspects of your spiritual and personal development. I hope this exercise helped you to see all the areas where they can help you on your own personal journey.

Once you’ve selected a master guide that resonates with you, make it a point to learn more about them. Visualize their faces as you meditate, silently call upon them as you go about your day, and welcome them into your life!

I’ll be launching a brand new course next week, called Connecting to your Guides, Angels and Masters. Can’t wait? Sign up for the free video series to get started now!