10 Ways to Feel Close To Spirit this Season

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10 Ways to Feel Close To Spirit this Season

Dec 2, 2016 | JVP's Blog

Is your festive holiday mood tinged with a little bit of sadness? In a season full of warm gatherings with loved ones and cherished family traditions, it’s not unusual to find yourself reminded of those who have passed and longing to feel their presence one more time.

A friend commented to me just the other day that her beloved grandfather had been on her mind. “He died over 30 years ago, but I remember him so vividly. He was like a kid about the holidays and he couldn’t wait to start playing Christmas carols in the small shoe repair shop he owned. The Little Drummer Boy was his favorite, and this year, it seems like I can’t turn on the radio or walk into a store without hearing a-rum-pa-pum-pum. Yesterday, out of nowhere, I caught a whiff of fresh leather and shoe polish and it brought me back to when I was a child playing in his shop. It’s like he’s trying to send a message to me.” I assured my friend that this was indeed her grandfather’s way of letting her know he was still with her.

If you have a sense that someone on the other side is trying to get through to you, trust your instinct! The holidays are a natural time for denizens of the Spirit realm to reach across the veil to connect with you, because they are drawn to the vibration of love that exists when friends and family get together.

This year, make it a point to open your heart and invite Spirit friends to join you, and be aware of signs that will let you know they are with you.

Here are ten ways you can invite your loved ones home for the holidays:

1) Get in a mindful, receptive state of mind. By trimming down your to-do list and scheduling time to meditate or just “be” you’ll open yourself up to receive Spirit signs.

2) Set your intention to receive a message from the person you’re missing. Start a conversation with them in your head, or write down a memory or a question and wait for a response.

3) Invite Spirit to the party! Go beyond thinking about them, and do something to make them a part of the festivities. Display a photo of your loved one in a lovely frame, or wear Grandma’s necklace to a holiday event.

4) Set a place at the table for Spirit (it’s okay for multiple loved ones to share a seat), and while you’re at it serve Grandmas favorite recipe or Dad’s favorite desert.

5) Start a tradition where everyone takes a minute to share a memory about the dearly departed – be sure to make them upbeat – Spirit is attracted to laughter and fun.

6) Play holiday music to that reminds you of the person you’re missing!

7) Perform an act of charity in their honor and be sure to make it consistent with your memory of them. For instance, my mother could never pass a Salvation Army volunteer without putting some change in the kettle. When I see someone ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, I always give them a few dollars in honor of Mom!

8) Buy yourself a gift from Spirit. When you’re shopping, listen to your intuition and treat yourself to something you wouldn’t ordinarily buy. Put it under the tree for yourself with a tag that reads “From Spirit.”

9) Use the power of scent. Surround yourself with aromas that remind you of your lost loved ones. Baking cookies, perfumes, candles, the smell of a fire can all foster good memories. And be aware – evocative smells popping up for no reason are almost always a sign from beyond!

10) If you need some more guidance to Bring Heaven Home for the Holidays – stay tuned! I’ll be launching a beautiful new one-day immersion that will give you the inspiration you need.

Enjoy the holidays with all of your loved ones on both sides of the veil!