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Jan 4, 2020 | JVP's Blog

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful, light-filled holiday in the company of friends and family! You might have been fortunate enough to feel the presence of loved ones on the other side – the joy, love, and laughter of the holidays is a magnet for the Spirit people. If you were longing for a sign from the Spirit realm but didn’t receive one, don’t worry! The dawn of 2020 presents many opportunities to receive a NEW YEARS MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT.

Now that you’ve swept up the pine needles and put away the champagne glasses, you’re probably planning for the year ahead, setting goals and making lists.  Good news – your deceased loved ones and spirit guides would love to lend a hand to make your dreams for 2020 come true! Here are a few simple techniques you can use to invite them in:

Dedicate a resolution to someone on the other side.
Incorporate new activities and rituals in your life that connect you with someone you’ve been missing. For example, if your mother loved birds, put a lovely bird feeder in your back yard.  Have your morning coffee outside so you can feel her presence when feathered friends drop in for a snack!  If your grandfather was a veteran, volunteer once a month

At a local VA center or help out the Wounded Warriors. By doing so, you’ll honor his memory, and keep him close.

Try your hand at automatic writing.
2020 is a blank slate and the possibilities are endless, especially when Spirit is guiding you!  To kick-start your year, buy a brand new notebook or journal and dedicate it to someone you want to hear from – put a picture of them on the first page, and add a couple of memories or quotes that remind you of them. Write in it regularly – don’t think too hard – just let the ideas flow. Invite your loved one to communicate with you through your writing. You might be surprised at what comes through!

Get creative with a Spirit image board.
Set your intention to receive direction from a deceased loved one or Spirit guide about the year ahead. Clear your mind, sitting in silence and allowing messages to come through. Be aware of any images that pop up, and use them as the foundation of your image board for 2020. Be open-minded – Spirit might put visions in your mind as you meditate, or steer your hand toward certain pictures or words as you look through magazines.  Post your image board where it can inspire you all year, and feel free to add to it as Spirit guides you!

Manifest positive change for the year ahead.
Think of two or three wishes for the year, and visualize them coming true while meditating.  Ask Spirit for guidance and support, and be alert to encouraging signs and opportunities that arise!

Wisdom is in the cards for you.
Oracle cards are an easy way to open up the gates to let Spirit come through. Wherever destiny leads, there are cards to guide you. If you desire to find your soul mate or manifest love in any area of your life my new Power of Love Activation Deck will trigger your natural love vibration.  My gorgeous Souls Journey Lesson Cards will help you receive messages from the deepest wisdom of your soul, and Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards will bring through healing messages from the other side.

Spirit is just a thought away!
The Spirit people are always just an arms distance away, waiting for you to open yourself up to receive their love, support, and wisdom. These simple techniques will help you to receive the guidance you’re looking for to experience your very best life. Happy New Year, and stay alert for signs from Spirit!