5 Beliefs That Make Life Easier

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5 Beliefs That Make Life Easier

Jun 26, 2021 | JVP's Blog

Earlier this week, I was on a Zoom call with several of my students and noticed some  doubt and insecurity coming through. I picked up on limiting energy – fear of not being good enough to take their spiritual gifts to the next level, concern over their ability to achieve their true purpose, and worries about finances.

Of course, on one hand I understand this completely- we’re all humans trying to navigate this earthly existence, with bills to pay, homes to maintain, and all kinds of responsibilities that have to be fulfilled. But as a spiritual teacher, I can attest to the fact that sometimes, what feels like sensible, practical “adult” behavior can actually hold you back from your soul purpose.

You CAN have it all, if you believe you can!
What if I told you that you can get “unstuck” and enjoy health, success, love, and abundance just by avoiding negative thoughts and words, and instead, putting yourself in a mindset that attracts what you most desire. I often talk about how thoughts are things, but some people have a hard time understanding just how much their thoughts actually effect their reality.

Fear is Faith – turned upside down.
Faith is the belief in a divine power that will make things happen as they should. Anyone who believes in intention, prayer, or positive affirmation knows how powerful they can be. But fear is just as powerful – in the opposite way. Fear is the belief that the worst will happen, and when you let that energy take over, you’re sending an equally powerful message to the universe. So how do you make sure you’re sending the universe the right message? Start by training your thoughts to replace fear and doubt with faith and confidence.

Have you ever known someone who has so much faith that they say things like “I know I’ll get the job I’m interviewing for” or “I always have money for what’s important” or “I attract the right people into my life”? Their confidence invariably makes their statements come true – which reinforces their positive beliefs. That cycle of success builds upon itself, and fortune continues to shine on these people.

Are they blessed, or special, or just very lucky? Yes – but they created that energy, and you can too.

Here are some examples of how your thoughts, words and beliefs can influence important areas of your life, improving them in ways that feel effortless and almost magical.

Positive Relationships
Remember this: you are worthy of being around people who love and accept you. Do you find yourself trying so hard to fit in or please people, and getting nowhere. Instead of trying harder, what if you just started by loving yourself? You are love – we all are! Send out loving thoughts, give yourself permission to forgive others and move on. When you stop trying, and simply exist in a natural vibration of love, you’ll attract people at a soul level.

Try sending out this affirming thought every day: “I am love, I  am worthy of love and I will attract love – just by being me.”

Financial Abundance
Create a flow of money by letting go. Money has an energy of its own, and it can be blocked by fear. If you fear not having enough money, you send out a vibration of scarcity and loss; on the other hand, treating yourself well sets the stage for prosperity

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an unexpected expense and instead of stressing about it, I’ve put my faith in the fact that money flows both ways. Many times, I’ve given money away, only to be reimbursed in an unexpected way – almost to the dollar!

The most powerful affirmation I can think of when it comes to money and finances actually a visualization: Imagine money like the tide. It flows out and flows back in, all in its natural rhythm. You don’t try to stop the tide, rather you trust that it will always be there – and that it is exactly as it should be.

Health and Vitality
Disease is such an interesting word. Imagine what it means when your body is not at ease. This can be caused by emotions or thoughts that keep you from being in a positive flow.  Maybe you’re holding onto negative thoughts toward another person, or are clinging to a situation or relationship that isn’t serving you. That conflict, or disharmony inside results in disharmony or dis-ease outside

To bring yourself back into harmony, first manage your thoughts. Believe that your body is strong and powerful exactly as it is. Appreciate all the things your body can do – and honor it by eating healthy foods, staying active, and spending time in nature. Demonstrate love and self-care to your physical self with your thoughts, words and actions.

For health and well-being of the mind, body, and soul, repeat my favorite affirmation every day: “Healthy am I, Happy am I, Holy am I – and so it is!”

The Universe is on your side
It takes focus and faith to shift your thoughts, and the payoff is powerful. When you embrace the fact that you are healthy, happy, and worthy of all the good that the universe has to offer, you’ll achieve a flow and harmony that makes everything easier! When you find yourself wondering if you can have something you want, or if you “deserve” happiness, love, or abundance, remember this final affirmation, “The universe always says YES.”