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A Blog About Nothing

Sep 20, 2019 | JVP's Blog

I like to go where Spirit leads me, but even so, I usually have my blog topic planned in advance and marked on my calendar. My notes help me get started and divine inspiration helps out from there! I might plan to talk about something seasonal or share what’s going on at the JVP School, or perhaps someone on my team has an idea and jots it down to inspire me. There might be some energetic stuff going on because of a full moon or a planet in retrograde that I want to fill my readers in on.

Today, I looked in my calendar hoping for some inspiration, and what did I find?

Nothing. No notes. No ideas from my team. Nothing.

And that got me thinking …

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few days driving through Ontario, Canada. A couple of days ago, we were in the car for over five hours driving through beautiful countryside. Cell service was spotty at best, and we ran out of things to talk about. As I sat quietly, I found myself hypnotized by the endless line of trees flickering as we drove past them.

I wouldn’t call my state of mind a meditation exactly, but it was definitely “sitting in the stillness.”  There was a total lack of calls, writing, checking emails, an overall lack of busyness. I wasn’t able to multi- task, in fact, I wasn’t even doing one task. I was just “there” and I found myself in that state for a lot of the week, as we drove from town to town.

Here’s what I discovered. Having that time to “just be” opened me up to Spirit even more than usual. Over the course of the week I have had the most vivid, meaningful dreams. I’ve picked up instantly on the lessons the universe is putting before me. I’ve sensed the presence of Spirit even more powerfully than usual. And of course, my readings have been extra detailed and full of healing insights.

People often ask me why it’s difficult for them to tune is and receive messages from the Spirit world. Sometimes they have a hard time going on the mind journeys that I guide them on during my calls, and on my You Tube channel.

In fact, every day someone makes a comment on You Tube, saying “I’m trying so hard, but I just can’t tune into this guided meditation!” I let them know that when you’re looking to connect to the universe, trying isn’t the answer. Forcing it is like pushing hard against a door when you need to pull!

So, if you’re longing to feel more connected, I want to share this message with you.

Embrace the nothingness.

Have more quiet time in your life.  Savor those moments of boredom, because they magically help you tune into the deepest, most authentic YOU. From there you can harness your creativity and unlock your full potential – and not only that, you will become tuned into your intuition, the voice of your soul. And who knows what amazing insights Spirit will have for you!

I’ll be back home next week and doing a lot less sitting in the stillness and watching the trees – but I plan to include more “nothing” into my day. I invite you to join me!