A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Event

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Event

Sep 13, 2019 | JVP's Blog

I’ve talked before about how spirit always throws references in my path on the day of an event. If I see a bunch of balloons floating in the air, I can be sure that balloons will be coming up in a reading that night. Or I’ll take special notice of a billboard or the logo on a truck, and those words will inevitably tie into a spirit message that I receive that evening.

Last week I hosted a demonstration of mediumship with Chris Drew. Chris and I have shared the stage numerous times over the years, and I’ve learned to expect the unexpected when we’re together. I attribute it to the combination of our energy, because the signs and synchronicities are so powerful and the readings so extraordinary.

So let me tell you what happened! Chris and I spent the day together, along with my friend Kellee. At one point, Chris was taking a nap, and he came out and said that he’d had a dream about Liberace. “Well, keep that in mind for later,” I told him.

Apparently, music was the theme of the day, because while Chris was asleep Kellee and I had been chatting about Leonard Bernstein. I was telling Kellee that I had a close tie with Leonard Bernstein, and that his spirit had come to me several times. “What a coincidence! I have Leonard Bernstein’s piano! He left it to my mother when he died, and I think he would want you to have it.”

Wow! I’ve noticed that when Chris and I work together, lots of entertainers come through. It’s as if our combined creative energy opens up a portal for them. Like attracts like, especially in the world of mediumship. We are both passionate about musical theatre, and when we combine our energy, we attract musicians and performers from the Spirit world.

So let’s keep going. Chris and I pulled up to the event, and as we parked, I noticed that the car next to us had a LIBERACE license plate! OK, I see where this is going, I can just feel the entertainers gathering. I wonder what the connection will be.

Well, it didn’t take long before I was on stage reading for a gentleman. His father was coming through and right away, he showed me a piano. Do you have your father’s piano? Yes!

Then I did a reading for a woman who had worked for many entertainers including Liberace, and Frank Sinatra came through. That was a fascinating reading with so many specific details.  Frank thanked her for protecting his secrets – both during his life, and after his death. I’m obligated to protect his privacy too – because medium/spirit privilege is something I take very seriously

As things were winding down, one more creative genius made his presence known. I couldn’t quite catch his name…”Zeus, Suze, could it be Seuss?”

A woman’s hand popped up! “Yes, Dr Seuss was my stepfather!” I hadn’t known it, but Dr. Seuss lived in San Diego, and his spirit came through with a lovely message for his stepdaughter.

During the mingle, someone in the audience was wearing a sparkly piano pin on his denim jacket. I admired it, and he said, I do a one-man Liberace show. That was his license plate in the parking lot, and the final connection to Liberace.

Right now, I’m in Ontario, Canada touring with Jay Lane. It’s too early to tell, but I’ll bet that by tomorrow, I’ll see what kind of souls are drawn to our combined energy. If you’re in Ontario, check out where we’ll be, and join us for an Evening of Spirit Messages!