A Letter From A Loved One

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A Letter From A Loved One

Aug 31, 2021 | JVP's Blog

Guest Blog

Over the next few months, I’ll be showcasing blogs from my Mediumship Level III Students. Today, I’m excited to share one from Barbara Bruni. Barbara does a beautiful job of illustrating how our loved ones in Heaven reach across the veil to support us and send us messages. I know Barbara’s words will provide comfort to those who have lost someone.


A Letter From A Loved One

Barbara Bruni


On April 27, 2018, my son, Tristan, unexpectedly died from injuries he had sustained in a terrible accident seventeen months earlier.  Even though, as an intuitive, Tristan occasionally communicated with me – and sent me dozens of feathers – the grief was unbearable.  Shortly after his passing I was searching online for a particular book and came across James Van Praagh’s book, Growing Up in Heaven.  I did not purchase it then, or so I thought, and only purchased the book I had originally wanted.  A few days later a package came with the book I had ordered but Growing Up in Heaven was also in the package!  I devoured that book in just a few hours as it is about children who have crossed over.  In the book he advises to write a letter to your child in heaven then put aside and in a week you can pray or meditate and write the response back from your child.

Through tear-filled eyes I wrote Tristan a letter on a Sunday afternoon.  The following Sunday I just didn’t feel like I could do the response back.  It seemed overwhelming and I didn’t want to get disappointed if nothing came through.  That night I had a dream that Tristan was handing someone a letter.  I woke up immediately knowing that he wanted to give me his letter!  I grabbed a notebook and in the dark I scribbled his letter.  I wrote so fast as the thoughts just seemed to come through me to the pen as I was not in control of the words I was writing.

Dear mom,

         I want to tell you that I am here – always here for you….  I want to let you know that I am sorry for what happened and what I put you and dad through.  I ask for your forgiveness.  Not that I think you are mad at me or that you think you need to forgive me – it is just the way it is done.  Forgive – each other and ourselves.  Nothing is ever any one person’s fault.  We all come in and play the parts for each other’s soul progression.  It doesn’t always turn out like we expected or in reality what we truly ever would want or choose for ourselves.  There is free will on such a chaotic planet.

         Let me tell you first that I like it here – no fear or darkness, you see the big picture.  I love all people.….  We love each other and know I love you for that and dad, and my bothers.  We are a soul group and will continue to be such.  Grateful.  Please know that.  Please don’t be sad for me.  Yes, it was horrible what I went through.  I learned many valuable lessons.  …I would have liked to live longer but not under these circumstances.  It was too hard and I know you would be hurt and miss me terribly.  Your sunshine, yes, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey – you never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.  I am not away – I have loved you through eons of time and will continue to do so.  Don’t let one lifetime of bad choices harden your heart.  Yes, I made bad choices but I truly needed to do that to learn and evolve my soul.  Allow me to do that.  I am so grateful for the space you held for me to do that.  Some things are not what they seem.  Love underlies all.  My love to you – all the love of the universe is right here for us to hold and bring forth.  

         I love you, I see all that is going on.  I support you and appreciate you wanting to continue my story and efforts.  Please continue on with your life.  It is just a short blink of the eye but yes, we have a mission.  And sometimes that mission brings us to unchartered territory for our soul as we continue the on-going fight for freedom on the planet.  It all comes from love and yet perseverance for us and each other.  “Our Brother’s Keeper” – you know.  Thanks for the cool tattoo – it is an honor.  Keep fighting the good fight.  All will end well.  Yes, there is work to be done – don’t get lost in it yet continue in a manner to hold the light – your light.  I will continue – the work continues with all who are aware and awakening.  We must clear the darkness. 

         I know you miss me terribly – and I you.  But love endures.  Find a way to be in peace with me being on this side.  I love that you are trying to stay in touch with me.  I will stay in touch with you as much as I can as I have a lot of work to do on this side too, you know.  Many lifetimes of work to thread together before I come back in to pick up a new thread and help to sew the tapestry of my soul into that of all humanity.  I know I am getting heavy but that is the truth of the matter… Take care of your soul and the big picture.  The way things are now can’t last forever – … they are not sustainable.

         I love you.  Let’s keep writing letters.  This is a great way to communicate.  Keep feeling for me – I will be there – loving and still taking care of you.  Your forever loving son-shine, Tristan

Kiss baby Mittens and all the dogs – even Pedro for me – ha ha.  My love to dad…

Our letter writing has continued.  I have witnessed how his soul has evolved over time.  He wants us to know that souls heal and experience joy and bliss when they cross back to home.  Death is not a punishment and they are once again in the hands on an ever-loving God who passes no judgement.  We go to school “over there” as well, meet up with our loved ones who crossed before us and most importantly, they are still a part of our lives whether we are aware of it or not.

This is an except from the soon to be published book, Tristan’s Letters From Heaven.

Barbara Bruni has been in the health, fitness and healing field for 35 years. She owns a Pilates/Myofascial Release Studio in Pensacola, FL. She created and filmed a local TV show and the episodes can still be seen on her YouTube Channel.  She also created a Pilates Teacher training school and named it Barbara Bruni’s Pilates and Beyond with the idea that movement and healing goes beyond the physical body – she just wasn’t aware at the time how far the “beyond” was going to take her.  Even as a child Barbara was empathic and intuitive.  As she got older it caused her to have anxiety and as a result, she shut down her senses as they could be too overwhelming to experience the ups and downs of other’s emotions and energies.  In her late teens she became very interested in spirituality and psychic phenomenon and soon met her first spiritual teacher.  This allowed her to understand more of who she was and to appreciate how she experienced the world.  Little did she know that spirit had been setting up the foundation for her that would allow her the ability to communicate with her son after his sudden death in April of 2018 just a few weeks prior to his nineteenth birthday.  He soon was communicating to her from the beyond. She has been working on strengthening her mediumship ability as she always used it for her personal relationship to spirit but never thought that she would be doing it for others.  She explains, “The tremendous sudden grief cracked my heart open and my mediumship ability awakened.  If it wasn’t for my continued contact with my son, Tristan, I don’t know how I would have handled the intense shock and grief.  I know that I am here to help people through their grief to be able to move on with their lives without the guilt and sadness that can overshadow every aspect of their lives, especially other parents who have lost a child.”  One of her favorite things to do is to write “love letters” from heaven for those who have lost loved ones.  She can be reached at www.bhbruni@aol.com.