The Velcro Suit

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The Velcro Suit

Aug 28, 2021 | JVP's Blog

Psychics, mediums, and healers have one trait in common. They’re extremely sensitive to the energy of other people. That sensitivity is the very quality that allows them to do their important work. I can’t imagine being a lightworker of any kind and not being sensitive, and I know I wouldn’t give up my sensitivity for anything.

That being said, it’s not always easy being a sensitive person. I often compare it to wearing a Velcro suit. The thoughts, words, and feelings of the people you meet stick to your “Velcro suit”, and you carry them around with you. If you don’t make a point of removing this foreign energy regularly, it can weigh you down, making you feel drained, depleted, and sad. Let too much build up and it can interfere with your ability to connect with spirit.

Controlling Your Sensitivity
I often tell my students that as they work to enhance their gifts, they’ll naturally learn how to tune in and out. We’ve all seen mediums on television who go up to people at the supermarket, the beach, or just about anywhere to relay unsolicited messages from beyond. That makes for good television, but it’s not how most mediums operate for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s not respectful of the person receiving the message. Imagine you are at a restaurant, enjoying a meal with a friend. Suddenly a medium comes up to you with a message from your deceased mother. You’re taken totally off guard, and you feel awkward about your companion being there to witness the message and your reaction to it. That’s why I teach my students to always ask permission before sharing an unsolicited reading. This is a good practice even in situations where people are expecting readings – but especially when they are just innocently going about their day-to-day business.
  • It’s physically, emotionally, and energetically hard of the lightworker. Receiving a barrage of messages or impressions everywhere you go just isn’t sustainable! For a sensitive person, being open all the time makes it just about impossible to live a healthy, balanced life. A medium, psychic or healer must protect their own energy by tuning into the frequency of spirit when the time is right, and then tuning out, or shutting their sensitivity down. The best way to learn to do that is to practice, study, and sit in development circles. My certification courses for psychics, mediums, healers and spiritual coaches all address this important skill.

Cleaning Your Velcro Suit
No matter how good you become at controlling your sensitivity, you’ll inevitably pick up foreign energy from others. After all, you’re not going to shut everything down all the time. You interact with dozens of people each day, and every interaction leaves energetic residue, which stays with you until you ground yourself and remove it.

My Grounding Technique
There are many ways to ground yourself. Taking a salt bath or swimming in the ocean, walking in nature, planting or watering a garden, and meditating are all ways to feel cleansed and grounded. I regularly practice those techniques, and I also practice this visualization several times a day.

Imagine a flow of warm earth energy coming up from the ground, through your feet, up your legs and straight to your heart. At the same time, picture a golden light coming from above entering through your third eye and wrapping around the back of your head. That glorious source energy encircles your head almost like a pair of sunglasses and flows down to meet the earth energy in your heart space. As they travel through your body, both energy streams clear out any energetic debris that you are carrying. Now imagine the two streams of energy exiting through your heart and flowing back into the earth, taking the energetic debris with them. Continue to visualize this energy cycle (kind of like a water wheel) until you feel clean and clear. This just takes a few minutes, and it’s extremely powerful!

I ground myself several times a day to stay as clean and clear as possible. It’s quick, easy, and you can do it anywhere!

A Blessing or a Challenge?
Being sensitive can be a blessing or a challenge – it all depends on how good you are at shielding your energy, and then clearing out any debris that comes through. If you haven’t been protecting your energy, you might have a buildup that will take a little more effort and time to remove. I created my 7-Day energy cleanse for when you need to reset yourself, energetically. Or, for a whole toolbox full of techniques that will help you live your very best life as a highly sensitive person, check out Life Tools for the Highly Sensitive Person.

As a lightworker, you are a precious, much-needed gift to the world, so please take care of your own energy so you can continue to help others!