Sitting in the Power

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Sitting in the Power

Aug 14, 2021 | JVP's Blog

Guest Blog
Over the next few months, I’ll be showcasing blogs from my Mediumship Level III Students. Today, I’m excited to share one from the very gifted Johnny Bruce. Johnny writes about a subject near and dear to me – Sitting in Your Power. I know his insights will help you on your own spiritual journey. Enjoy!



Sitting in the Power

By Johnny Bruce

As I continue my mediumship journey and embark on the learning and transformation that comes from great teachers, development circle practice, and the feedback and reinforcement I receive from my colleagues, I realize that early on in my development I underestimated the ability to sit in the power. We learn how our vibration needs to rise and Spirit’s vibration lowers to enhance the communication. We are all energy and vibrate constantly. Our emotions contribute to the rate of vibration. When we are in a state of gratitude, joy, and love, then our vibration is high. If we are depressed, angry, or frustrated, then our vibration is low.

So, how do you establish the power and maintain your level of vibration to provide the best reading possible? I realize just as we are unique expressions of God, so do we find our own unique approaches. We do what works best for us. However, when you are beginning, learning from others offers great opportunities to try different techniques as you craft your own.

As we sit in the power and connect with Spirit, we are achieving what Quantum Physics calls parity, when we vibrate at the same rate. With parity comes synchronicity. When two people relax and achieve parity, they open their bandwidth and establish a kind of deep connection, and their brain patterns become highly synchronized. This helps the reader become more receptive to energy in the Universal Field and the sitter broadens their awareness and access to memories.

As we achieve synchronicity, we open channels of communication and knowing at a level that benefits us, Spirit, and the sitter. An experience when we all vibrate at the same rate and connecting at a higher level of consciousness. How much more powerful would it be if we were able to create parity with Spirit and the sitter simultaneously. We would achieve a level of synchronicity that provides stronger communication, better messages, greater healing, and a rise in energy that benefits us all.

I have learned some profound techniques for establishing and maintaining your vibration, sitting in the power. But more importantly, how I establish and maintain parity among the three parties involved, myself as the reader, Spirit, and my sitter or audience. Some readers set the intention through thought and prayer. As we know thought is energy therefore our intention is vibration. Some use music which raises your vibration. That’s why we tend to feel happy when we listen, sing, or play music. We even use music to lift our spirits when we are low. Laughter will also raise vibration. James is a master at using humor and laughter to raise his vibration and the sitter or audience.

I use intention and emotion to raise mine and the sitter’s vibration. I set the intention, open with an affirmative prayer of oneness and gratitude, and ask the sitter to consider the gratitude and joy of being able to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned. Neuroscience describes mirror neurons in our brains which causes us to experience empathy. It’s why when someone laughs, we laugh, even though we may not have been present for the joke. We can leverage this to create emotional parity with the sitter. If we can vibrate in gratitude and joy, then our sitter can, and in most cases, match our emotional state.

Johnny Bruce is a Medium and Intuitive Coach. For the past thirty years as a change management consultant, he has supported organizations embarking on transformation. During that time, he has been a coach and teacher of leadership skills including how to build trusting relationships, purpose, empathy, storytelling, and innovation. Unknowingly, he leveraged his psychic abilities during his consulting and teaching. Now, Johnny is dedicating himself toward the development of his psychic and mediumship abilities so that he may understand and leverage to support others in healing and transformation.