When Saturn Returns

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When Saturn Returns

Aug 7, 2021 | JVP's Blog

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” -Barack Obama

My friend, Liz, and I are planning a party to celebrate both of our August birthdays. It’s not a milestone birthday for me, but Liz is turning 60 and was sharing how much her life has changed in the last few years. “My youngest just turned 21 and is away at college, I’ve changed jobs three times in two years, and my relationships with my husband and family are somehow different too. I feel like everything in my life is suddenly shifting. None of these changes are bad, but it’s a little unsettling to have so much happening at once!”

If you’re feeling like you’re suddenly looking at life differently and questioning things you’ve always taken for granted, let me ask you a question. How old are you? We talk a lot about Mercury Retrograde but there’s another phenomenon in the heavens that affects us even more dramatically.

I realized that from about the age of 58-60, Liz was experiencing her second phase of Saturn Return, which explains why things have been a little upside down. If you look back on your life, you’re likely to see that some of its most impactful events and upheavals coincided with this important astrological event.

What is Saturn Return?

To understand the impact of Saturn Return, it’s important to know that the planet Saturn represents discipline and maturity. The term “Saturn Return” refers to the moment it returns to the exact placement it was in when you were born—bringing important lessons (and maybe a little upheaval) along with it.

Saturn makes a complete loop, passing through all 12 zodiac signs, every 27 to 29 years, so you can expect this (potentially) turbulent time to fall between the ages of 27-29, 56-60, and 84-90 and last for about three years each time.

If you live to be at least 84, you’ll experience Saturn Return 3 times – so why not make the most of it? Here are tips to navigate these important periods in your life:

  • Be positive! When Saturn returns, it brings with it an opportunity to re-examine your relationships and reinvent yourself, so don’t fight it. When life throws you a curve, look for the lesson. If a job or a relationship ends, take it as a sign that there’s something new and exciting around the corner.
  • Keep an open mind. Welcome new opportunities, new friends, and new career paths. It helps to stay in the present and be extra aware when fear is clouding your vision.
  • Get help when you need it. Saturn Return may shine a light on behavior patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. That’s not always easy to accept, but trust me, denial isn’t your friend! You may need a little help, so talk to a trusted confidante, coach or therapist.
  • Take baby steps. You don’t have to change jobs, get divorced, or pack up your bags and move to another country. This time of your life doesn’t have to be dramatic – although it is for some. Small changes and insights can have a big impact too.
  • Listen to your intuition. Do you have a persistent desire to learn something new, or explore a new place? Is there a hobby you’re suddenly interested in? This is the time to try it. Synchronicities abound during Saturn Return, so if you notice something popping up repeatedly, or if coincidences seem to be leading you in a particular direction, pay heed.

I have to tell you, my own experience with Saturn Return was pretty dramatic. I moved to an entirely new area, and my long-term marriage ended. I also started up the JVP School of Mystical Arts. Each of those events was life changing, but necessary – in their own way.

Even as I move out of my Saturn Return, I’m still changing things up. I’m switching up my exercise routine. I’ve always loved yoga and Pilates, but I recently have taken up bicycle riding and something called “pickle ball.” I’m having a great time sharing these new activities with new friends and enjoying a more aerobic form of exercise.

If you’re in the age range of 27-29, 56-60, and 84-90, and you feel like you’d like to get the maximum benefit from the lessons Saturn has to teach, I have a couple of suggestions. Browse my courses at the JVP School of Mystical Arts and see what you’re most drawn to.

If you feel that life isn’t going your way, and you want to prepare to be your very best self, I suggest my popular 28 Days to Total Transformation. Or, if you find everything about Saturn Return and all things astrological fascinating and you’d like to learn more, check out my Psychic Astrology course.