A Letter From Heaven

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A Letter From Heaven

Feb 19, 2016 | JVP's Blog

This week on Hay House Radio I’ll be welcoming my good friend, a truly gifted and enlightened soul, Maureen Hancock. We’ll be joining forces to bring through messages of joy, love and forgiveness to my Hay House radio audience – so join us this Tuesday, February 23rd   at 11:00 am pacific! Here’s a letter that Maureen shared with me that beautifully expresses what Spirit wants YOU to know.

A Letter From Heaven

“Hi. It’s me. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I’m okay. The strangest part about my passing is I don’t feel gone from you. I do hear you talk to me, and most of the time, I’m just trying to get you to feel my presence. I also smile when you keep asking me for signs that you set up-I promise they will come when you least expect it. I really do try. Please stop saying you can’t feel me. When I see you laugh, it vibrates through my being, and I smile too. Feelings like guilt, anger, regret, and immense sadness sometimes builds a barrier between us. Everyone grieves differently, however, my hope is that the signs I send help take the edge off even for a quick moment. I would love for you to try harder to let go of those heavy layers that put the weight of the world on your shoulders. By doing so, I might actually be able to come to you more easily. Finding the balance between, “feeling it to heal it,” and being stuck in it, is a fine line. I honor how you grieve-it is a process much like fingerprints; every grief experience is different for each of us. Go at your own pace.

No, you couldn’t have saved me. No, you shouldn’t have done more. Yes, you made the right decision. I realize now that this earthly experience is all about finding our way back to love. All the rest is just part of the tough journey we call, “Life.” Thank you for letting me be your teacher. Until we meet again, promise me that you will love with all your heart, forgive in ways you thought not possible, release anger that no longer serves you, and slide into home plate saying, “I did it! I lived for you. I honor your memory by finding joy again.” Love always, Me.”

~Maureen Hancock

Maureen Hancock is an internationally renowned Spirit Medium, intuitive, teacher, lecturer, holistic healer, and author of the bestselling book, “The Medium Next Door, Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.” Hancock starred in the Style Network’s documentary, “Psychic in Suburbia.” Hancock is a frequent guest on various talk shows, radio programs, and is currently on tour with Townsquare Media with her wildly popular event, “Postcards from Heaven.” Her new CD, Grief Relief is now available on her website.

She has spent the last several years demystifying the overwhelming subject matter of death and dying. Hancock volunteers her abilities working with hundreds of Hospices to help the terminally ill, law enforcement, and bereaved parents. She can also be found presenting workshops on grief with David Kessler, protégé’ of Elisabeth Kubler Ross (“Grieving to Believing” July 2016 in Marina Del Ray, CA,).

Maureen’s work has brought comfort, hope and healing to anyone grieving or curious about life after death.

For more info about Maureen and her upcoming live events and workshops, visit www.maureenhancock.com , for grief relief, please like the Maureen Hancock Fan Page on Facebook, and follow Maureen on Twitter @maureenhancock