Are you Worthy of Love?

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Are you Worthy of Love?

Feb 7, 2016 | JVP's Blog

Valentines day is coming, and images of love and romance are everywhere you look! To attract love in all it’s fabulous forms, you have to be open to receive it. Take this quiz to determine if you are a “love magnet” or if you’re subconsciously blocking the flow of love.

Section One – How open are you to LOVE?

1) Which of these statements best reflects your childhood:

A. I was fortunate to grow up in a happy, loving family.

B. My parents divorced and remarried – we weren’t a Norman Rockwell family – but there were always lots of people around and it was never lonely!

C. My parents had a bitter divorce, and relationships with one or both of my parents were strained after that.

D. My parents stayed married, but weren’t warm and demonstrative with each other or with me.

E. I grew up in an abusive/ addictive family.

2) When you think back on past romantic relationships, which of these feelings is dominant?

A. Fondness and nostalgia – I smile as I remember the things I loved about past partners and the good times we had.

B. Gratitude – I learned something and grew from all of my past relationships.

C. Mixed emotions – there were good and bad experiences.

D. Regret – my life would have turned out better if I had behaved differently.

E. Bitterness – I was treated unfairly and I have a hard time letting go of my anger.

3) How much time do you dedicate to self care:

A. I enjoy my job, family and overall life so much that virtually everything I do fulfills me!

B. I make it a point to schedule time for myself every week.

C. I have so many obligations to work and family! I try to make time for me, but it doesn’t always happen.

D. What’s self-care?

E. I believe it’s wrong to put my needs above those of the people in my life.

4) How much do you trust your instincts/judgment when it comes to love?

A. I listen to my gut – and it’s always right! My friends call me the human Geiger counter of relationships.

B. I usually know when someone is right for me early on. If they’re not a fit, I am able to untangle myself and move on.

C. I have some good relationships but often I find myself entangled with friends or lovers who drain my energy, and it can be difficult to break it off.

D. I tend to always attract the wrong people, then work hard at trying to please them!

E. I don’t trust my instincts or other people at all. The walls I have built keep me safe but isolated.

Scoring Section 1 – Give yourself 5 points for every A, 3 points for every B, 2 points for every C, 1 point for every D or E.

1 – 8   – Your ability to bring forth a person and situation into your life is limited because you do not have an appreciation or an awareness of how much of a loving being you are.

8 – 14 – You have a sense of yourself but are still easily influenced by what others think and are a people pleaser, trying to receive love from others are not available on many levels. There may also be control issues, trying to control others or your surroundings in order to feel safe.

14 –20  – You have a good sense of yourself and like to keep a part of your independence.  Your capacity to love others is great when you feel secure and happy.

Whatever your score, my  upcoming online seminar will help you to Attract Your Soulmate, and enjoy more LOVE in your life!  


Section 2 – Self Evaluation (no scoring required!)

Now that you’ve learned about how open and ready you are to attract love into your life, spend some time thinking over the following questions. Read my Spirit insights below each question, then journal about what you have discovered.

1) Where do my old emotional scars originate from which I am still holding energy on and have a hard time of releasing in order to heal them?

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Former Partners

In order to attract the energy of soulmate love into your life, you need to forgive all those issues from your childhood and relationships with family members.  You also need to let go of any emotional upset with former partners.  The past is the past and you and your circumstances were different then.  You need to be objective and realize these were merely lessons in your and your soul family’s evolution.  Today is a new day.

2) As you look in the mirror, what loving aspects do you acknowledge?

  1. Your physical beauty
  2. Your mental capacity
  3. Sense of humor
  4. Compassion and understanding
  5. More

In order to receive love in all different areas of your life and live a joyful and happy existence, we must love every part of ourselves from the suffering part to the joyful part. We must realize that we are perfect in our soul make up and all of our experiences of the past that have made us who we are today.  What you see in your reflection in the mirror is what others first see.  Are you happy with the image?  Your ability to love another directly is reflected in how you are able to love yourself.  Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and open. 

3) What part of me do I feel I need to work on in order to attract my soulmate into my life?

  1. My strong opinions and judgments
  2. My insistence on always being right
  3. Control issues
  4. Childhood issues

You are part and parcel of many individual unique insights and traits.  You need to express yourself with everyone you meet and heal past hurts.  You don’t always have to be right in order to be understood.  How can we judge another, when we don’t understand their history or who they are?  You need to step back and see the bigger picture in your life and the life you want to pursue.

4) What would you be willing to give up in your current life, in order to live a life with your soulmate?

  1. My career
  2. My home and location
  3. My financial freedom
  4. My freedom

In all relationships there is compromise and understanding.  Each relationship is unique in its capacity to love and be genuine.  No one has more importance than the other.  But, in order to share a life with another soulmate, we need to feel secure in who we both are and be willing to bend.  When two hearts come together the best of each other forms a new life of enrichment, understanding and growth.

5). Which statement best describes your sense of when love will find you in life?

  1. Yes, when, when, when? I have been waiting my whole life?
  2. It will get here when it is good and ready.
  3. I’m too old, the bus has come and gone.
  4. I’m not waiting for love to find me – I AM love.

You must remember, the more you try to have it, the less space you are giving for the experience to happen.  Those soulmates who are part of our life’s journey will come in in divine time not human time.  It will be perfectly timed as that Universe is perfect in all its actions.

The title of this quiz is “Are You Worthy of Love” and I want you to know that whoever you are and whatever your history, the answer is YES! The secret to attracting more LOVE into your life is to simply let go of FEAR. You might have some fear related to your past, fear of getting hurt, fear of loss – even fear of success and happiness. Recognizing your fear is the first step toward healing. I hope that the questions and insights above have given you something to think about!

If you’d like some help from Spirit to enjoy a life filled with love and romance, please check out my new one-day course, Attract Your Soulmate!

In the meantime, open your heart to receive the love and light that I’m sending your way.