A Letter To Spirit

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A Letter To Spirit

Oct 2, 2021 | JVP's Blog

My Dear Friend,

As I move through each day, I find myself inspired by so many things – a new bloom in my garden, books and articles I’ve read, or questions posed by my students. Often, one or another of these items finds its way into my blog.

Today’s blog was inspired by a new mediumship workshop I’m putting together. Many students ask me how to improve the quality of their readings so they can consistently establish a strong connection with Spirit and convey a meaningful message to the recipient. Over the last three decades, I’ve developed a process for structuring a reading to bring through accurate details and personal characteristics of the departed.

As I thought about how to explain this process to my students, it occurred to me that in many ways, bringing through spirit messages is like writing a letter. Both are designed to convey a message and include these components:

Before you begin your reading (or you sit down to write), it’s important to be in a state where you’re relaxed, focused, and tuned into your intuition. You won’t do your best work if you’re hungry, angry, or preoccupied – so have a snack or some water, and center yourself by taking a few deep breaths, or listening to some relaxing music.

Greeting and Introduction
When it’s time for the reading to begin, you’ll want to take a few minutes for an introduction. After greeting a client, most mediums have a ritual to prepare the space for Spirit to enter. This ritual is like the first paragraph of a letter. It’s a signal for the medium to “tune-in” and open themselves up to receive messages. At the same time, it allows the client to relax and invites the spirits to come forward. Your ritual might include saying a prayer, lighting a candle, or setting an intention. It might include leading your client in a meditation or visualization. However you choose to go about it, the introduction sets the mood for what is to follow.

Inviting Spirit To Come Forward
With the intro taken care of, it’s time to address why you’re there. The medium invites Spirit to come forward. Often, there’s no invitation needed! If you’ve been to one of my live events, you’ve probably heard me say that the Spirit people are often so eager to connect with loved ones that they’re already there – waiting for their chance.

Bringing through Evidence
Evidence is the key to a successful reading. Different mediums have different ways of receiving evidence. They might see a vision, get a feeling or pain that corresponds with how the individual died, or hear a message. What’s important is that the medium gives all the details time to come through. I call this being in the flow. Often, I pick up a detail or memory from the departed, and then there’s a pause before another detail comes through. I welcome that pause because it gives me time to fully absorb and elaborate on the first bit of evidence. Like details in a letter, this clarifies the message and brings it to life.

Letting Personality Shine Through
A good letter reflects the personality of the person writing it, and the most powerful readings bring through the personality of the spirit. I often find myself not only sharing the character traits but taking on the spirit’s movements and way of speaking. Don’t be afraid to fully tune into the spirit coming through and let them move and speak through you.

Making Important Points
The best readings serve a purpose, which is controlled not by the client or the medium, but by the spirit. A spirit might be desperate to take care of unfinished business, clear up a misunderstanding, or right a wrong. As a medium, make sure you deliver these life-changing messages clearly and compassionately, and give the client plenty of space to absorb them. Because you spent the time up front to establish evidence and personality traits, the recipient  will have confidence in the message and will be able to heal and grow as a result.

Wrapping it Up
A good reading is joyful, healing and provides the recipient with assurance that their loved one isn’t lost at all – and that they’re always with them. This is life-changing! As a medium, take a moment to thank the spirit people who have come through. While you’re at it, thank your guides for their help!

Sending Love and Light, Always!


P.S. Remember, having a clear outline or process when you conduct a reading isn’t creating a “cookie cutter” approach – your own style, way of connecting and the personality of the spirit should always shine through.