The Thinning of the Veil – A Season of Spirit Messages

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The Thinning of the Veil – A Season of Spirit Messages

Oct 9, 2021 | JVP's Blog

To everything in our Universe there is Divine Order. The sun rises and sets, the planets move on their own paths around the sun, the tides ebb and flow effortlessly, and the seasons change.  This is all part of the great scheme of life.

In San Diego, the weather is so mild that seasons tend to blend together – but not this year. A dramatic thunderstorm on Monday ushered in the cooler weather of fall, and suddenly I felt the presence of my Spirit guides and other occupants of the Spirit realms even more powerfully than than usual.

I know I’m not the only light worker feeling Spirit more strongly right now, and there’s a good reason for that.

For mediums, there are times during the year when it’s easier to bring through messages from Spirit. We are connected energetically to everything and everyone in the universe – so the influence of the moon, the tides, the weather, and the seasons all effect the way a medium connects to Spirit. I find that in summer the connection is a bit harder to establish, and in the autumn as the days grow shorter and we prepare for the winter, the veil between the physical world and the Spirit realms becomes thinner and more permeable. As this happens, I see Spirit everywhere, and can form and sustain connections with them easily.

Why is the veil thinner right now?
The harvest moon showed up in late September this year, bringing its powerful energy. Since ancient times, the Autumn Equinox has also possessed great spiritual significance. It reminds us that we are all in tune with the afterlife and that death is simply another part of life itself. I’ve always felt this to be a time for releasing what no longer serves you and focusing on your higher self – while the equilibrium of day and night serves as a reminder to balance the light and darkness within your own life.

Autumn Holidays and Celebrations honor the dead and bring Spirit closer.
We attract what we focus on, and during the Halloween season, even though they’re all in the “spirit” of fun, the jack o’ lanterns, ghosts, graveyards, and other-worldly decorations and costumes collectively bring the Spirit people closer. In addition to Halloween, this is a time of year when many cultures seek to have a deeper interaction or connection to the spirit world. The Day of the Dead, All Saints Day and All Souls Day are all special days where people can honor those who have passed. The collective energy and intention generated by these occasions acts as a magnet, and sensitive people with psychic and intuitive gifts find themselves brought into close contact with the other side.

Keeping spirit interactions light-filled and safe.
People sometimes worry that connecting to the Spirit realm might open a portal through which dangerous entities can come through.

I can assure you that the vast majority of Spirits come from a place of love. There are some darker aspects, but if you keep your energy and intentions pure, those elements will not be drawn to you. Light attracts light – so send out love, honor those who have passed, and no matter how thin the veil – you will attract loving, positive energy back.

I don’t want to say that there’s nothing to worry about – but I do know for a fact that the energy you attract is under your control. Your thoughts have power, so if you’re playing up the dark side of your celebrations, those might be the very Spirits you are inviting in. Avoid Ouija boards, dark rituals and spells, and movies that focus on the dark side of the spirit realm. Keep your energy clear and your thoughts positive, and you will have positive interactions – this season and all year long.

A time to connect with loved ones who have passed.
Because I feel the presence of the Spirit people so closely, I’ve scheduled some live online reading events so I can share the healing insights they have to share. I invite you to go to my events page to register for an Evening With Spirits, or to experience the Hallows’ Evening of Spirit, where I look forward to sharing some Halloween fun along with healing insights from the other side.