A Message From Spirit: May Everything You Touch Turn Beautiful!

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A Message From Spirit: May Everything You Touch Turn Beautiful!

Jul 14, 2016 | JVP's Blog

My dear friend Olivia crossed over a few days ago. We started our spiritual journey together decades ago – she was a beautiful, enlightened soul and I have beautiful memories of the time we spent together on earth.

When I got the news that she had passed, I remembered something she had said to me. “James, when I die, you’ll be the first person I come to. I’ll let you know exactly what it’s like over here.” It didn’t take long for Olivia to make her presence known. I was sitting at my computer and found myself guided to write a message.

Many of you have asked exactly what I experience when I channel the Spirit world. Sometimes the messages are hard to decipher. Since I’m in an altered state, my recall can be hazy. In this case, because of our strong spiritual connection in life, Olivia’s message came through clearly and I was able to transcribe it to share with you. Here’s what she said:

Arriving at Heavens gates.

I was met many people upon my return. It felt like a dream but it was real. I was so light and happy, with no worries at all. It was as if my entire life was just a passing thought that I had yesterday. I saw my father, mother, grandfather and brother – all the Spirit people who assisted me in this lifetime without my being even aware of it! Reuniting with them was remarkable and incredible.

This feels like a strange dream – like Alice in the looking glass – but it is real. Death is nothing but truly coming home or coming back to who you had forgotten you are. It’s as if you were in suspended animation while on the earth. I met so many people I had touched in life. I was not even aware of the affect I had on people’s lives. It struck me that one must be so very careful and constantly mindful of what they are saying and doing – your actions on earth matter, and they endure even when the body dies.

Pieces of light or flowers coming to life is the only way I can describe this experience!

I am aware of the ripple effect, the rings of life. Never be small-minded, it does not serve you well! Allow yourself to be expansive – think big and you will set yourself up for larger experiences, which will unfold according to what you believe you are.

My mind is all rattled up. I have to unravel it, and in time I shall but right now everything is unreal- yet not! It feels like I am walking inside of a movie screen but the movie is real and the audience is fake. It’s like seeing yourself from the opposite direction. There’s nothing scary about death – it’s life that is scary. Hurting other people, killing another is a monstrosity to the very nature of who you are. What matters is life and how you live it, so find the blessings inside your heart – they are like seeds we are given to spread.

Nothing is more beautiful than the beauty you find in your own soul.

It’s so unreal and beautiful here. I wish I had know what to expect during my life, but then again, if I had maybe it wouldn’t have had the same value. When I arrived here I kept asking people “Am I dreaming? Have I lost my mind? I just don’t understand!” They just reassured me, “You are home.”

Reaching out to the living.

I couldn’t absorb everything at first. I met with James and projected myself into his mind as he was driving and he heard me say “I’m free, I left the body!” I couldn’t say dead because I wasn’t! I had a lot of others helping and assisting me in getting my new legs, they also knew James and put it into action that he would hear it and he did!  He knew I had passed! Now I really understand that you have to send as much love as possible, although the living only receive a fraction of it. It is rather like attempting to fit a big piece into a tiny little hole – it’s almost impossible and amazing anything can come through. Luckily my determination and love prevailed!

Last thoughts.

There’s just one step to take between here and there, so when your time comes to cross the great divide, go with grace, compassion, understanding and love. Also, may the steps you leave behind be ones that others can step in to feel the love you have for them, relive the life you left them, and trace the path they can follow.

Olivia closed with loving messages for me to relay to her son and daughter.

I feel Olivia with me every day.

After Olivia spoke to me so profoundly, I felt closer to her than ever. Instead of reaching out with a phone call, a text or an occasional dinner, we are now merged as one, always together – and the insights keep coming through.

If you long to feel this kind of soul connection with a loved one on the other side, I encourage you to spend A Day in the Spirit World. I’ll lead you through exercises that will allow you to experience profound connections of your own. I assure you that whatever your experience is when you get there; your life will be forever changed.