Exploring the Realms of the Spirit World

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Exploring the Realms of the Spirit World

Jul 8, 2016 | JVP's Blog

Yesterday I launched a new course, A Day in the Spirit World. Calling it a course seems inadequate – it’s really an immersion into various realms of existence – a mind-journey where you’ll visit with loved ones on the other side and experience life from a new and higher perspective.

Embrace a Spiritual Viewpoint.

Perspective is a game changer that colors our words, deeds and thoughts. So much of what I teach is directly channeled from Spirit, where the frame of reference is vast and infinite, and love reigns supreme. In the Spirit world, compassion, forgiveness and empathy are the keys to the highest realms. The love and light that share raises your own soul vibration, and reflects outward to the world around you.

In the afternoon of your day in the spirit world, I’ll guide you to explore the realms or levels that exist. You’ll start at the highest echelon, basking in the light of the souls that reside there. Then you’ll travel lower, where your mission will be to sit down with a soul who needs your assistance. Perhaps they are trapped in addiction or negative thought patterns – limited in their thinking and unable to let go and embrace a higher way of being. You’ll have a conversation with them with the goal being to enlighten them and help them to elevate.

An eye-opening insight from beyond.

I was inspired to lead you through this particular exercise by a shocking private reading that I did years ago. A woman came to me after the death of her mother, Helen. She had been an unhappy and fearful woman, scarred by the fact that she had lost her family in a Nazi concentration camp, from which she had barely escaped with her own life. Decades later when Helen passed, she still carried the shadow of the horrible experiences she had experienced in her youth.

Almost as soon as her daughter walked in the door, the Spirit of Helen came through, bursting with a message to relay. “As soon as I passed over, I found myself in a hospital room. There was a weak, sickly looking man in the bed, with no one around him. I brought him water and arranged his pillows to make him more comfortable, but I was shocked when I recognized his face. He had been a guard at the concentration camp! I was horrified, and had the urge to put the pillow over his face, but then I realized that we were on the other side, and we were already dead. Somehow, I was guided to forgive him – not just for his sake, for my own soul. I stayed with him all day, and we talked about how hate and intolerance had tainted our lives on earth. As he told his story, I realized that while I could never excuse or justify his actions, we were both victims. I had to forgive. We were engulfed with the light of truly unconditional love.” Helen wanted her daughter to know that she was in a beautiful place, and that forgiveness had freed her from the heavy baggage she had carried in life. “Let yourself love – I am in the light now, with my family!” was the message Helen shared.

Experience the shift!

To experience a shift of perspective I’d like for you to schedule a time in the next few weeks to volunteer in your neighborhood homeless shelter, soup kitchen, hospital or a place of need. Try to enlighten the heart of one person while you are there and pay attention to how you feel in doing this activity.

I hope you’re inspired to spend a Day in the Spirit World. You might connect with a loved one you’ve been missing, get in touch with your guides, or simply enjoy a higher state of being. Whatever you are looking for, there is something for everyone in the Spirit World!