What to Expect on the Other Side

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What to Expect on the Other Side

Jul 1, 2016 | JVP's Blog

What do you imagine things are like in the Spirit world? One thing I know for sure is that those who you have wronged on earth, along with all of your words, deeds and actions will be there welcoming you on the other side – call it karma, divine justice, or soul lessons.

You might have noticed that life doesn’t always appear to be fair. Bad things can happen to good people, while the selfish, violent and judgmental seem to go unchecked, and even thrive. Love, whether its self-love or for another person, is the only way to change these behaviors. Attempt to use love in all situations you encounter. The force of love transcends and transforms all levels of being.

When you die, you will have a life review that sheds a clear, bright light on your time on earth. You’ll see the actions you created through the eyes of others — the good, the bad and the ugly. Money, success, and power don’t count for much in the afterlife. What matters is the nature of your character and how much you utilized your souls qualities of compassion, kindness and unconditional love.

These two stories will illustrate my point:

St. Peter and the Rich Man

A wealthy, egocentric and powerful man passed away and was met by St. Peter at the gates of heaven. “Follow me and I’ll take you to your new home” exclaimed St. Peter. He turned and without another word, led the powerful man along a wide road, paved with shimmering stones and lined with fragrant flowers. They walked past huge, beautiful homes with gorgeous gardens. The rich man said to St. Peter “These remind me of my homes on earth – I owned several estates, even a castle!” St. Peter kept walking. They continued on and the road grew narrower. The sky darkened and the homes they passed became shabbier and smaller, until they could see nothing but shacks. The rich man grew nervous “You must have me mixed up with someone else.This must be a mistake!” St Peter said “God doesn’t make mistakes – your home is right over here.”

He pointed to a cardboard shack, the smallest and shabbiest of all. The rich man was shocked! “Don’t you know who I am? I lived like a king on earth, this is unacceptable! St Peter looked at him and said,“Sir, we only build with the materials you provide us.”

The Flower of Love

Years ago I attended a séance led by one of the most talented physical mediums of her time, Leslie Flynt. I was captivated when Leslie channeled this story about a woman who was reunited with her beloved husband. The man died in the war over 40 years before his wife passed away. His wife had been the only love he experienced during his time on earth. When she died, he was on the other side to meet her, after their reunion he took her to a lovely, well tended home. “I’ve been getting this ready for you all these years.” He said. “Come see the garden I created for you.” The woman admired the flowers, trees and plants, when suddenly a rose type of bush burst forward and started blooming up toward the sky. A multitude of flowers grew higher and wider and the fragrance was beyond anything she had ever experienced on earth.  The husband explained, “These flowers represent the love I have for you, and all the years I waited to be reunited with you.”

How can you make your life here on earth more heavenly? Focus on being of service to others, and transmit the energy of love, forgiveness and compassion out into the universe. Remember that the world of spirit is only an arms length away – your guides, angels and deceased loved ones are closer than you think!

What if you could actually spend a day in the spirit world? I’m getting ready to launch an online, spiritual immersion course that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and it will be on the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts school site in just a few days! You will be able to connect with a loved one and see the afterlife through their eyes. Stay tuned for more details.